January 21, 2009

No this is not a post on a group similar to Why? but more of a exclamation that some kind soul has nominated me for the Best Music Blog!  Thanks for the nomination and while I don’t expect to survive the cull to the longlist, it is certainly appreciated.

Have a gander at the nominations list if you haven’t already- lots of great music blogs there and more than one is on my daily read.  Haven’t quite made up my mind about going to the awards show this year (if there are any tickets left at this stage!) and while I am not into the awards themselves I have to say Damien knows how to throw a great bash!

Oh and by the way…me being the curious sort I had to see if there is a band called What? and lo and behold there is one hailing from Spain- some good tunes too so have a listen!



  1. Why? did enough damage so I’ll pass on What? thanks, but congratulations to you!

    • Ha- What? wont do as much damage as Why? and congratulations straight back at ya with you in three categories! Oh a challenge then for you next year to try to get a nomination in every one…as if you didn’t already have sleepless nights;-)

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