January 26, 2009

I came across the Finish act Regina a while back in LastFm and meant to return to but never got a chance.  So just as well  Its A Trap! put up the new track Totuus Minusta from their forthcoming album Puutarhatrilogia!

They do have a great sound- excellent female lead with some rather laidback and sublime sampling and unusual instrumentation.  The new tune is quite reminiscent of Pivot’s O’Sountrack My Heart tune which you should check out as well.

If you head over to their official site you can also get older tunes Tapaa minut aamulla , Näinä mustina iltoina along with the remix and the video Paras Aika Vuodesta.  A great sound so looking forward to the new album which is released on February 11th.

Paras Aika Vuodesta



  1. Wow, a love child between Orbital and Monty Python. This getz addz from me.

    • Ha- great comparison there Ms GR8! I must be watching too many kooky Scandinavian videos though since I didnt even think of Python!

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