Amusement Parks On Fire- Whelans Jan 09

February 3, 2009

Not exactly a packed Whelans but a good crowd there…

Just arrived for DC Experiment’s last tune- good post rock sound and will have to check them out further sometime.  The name actually put me to mind of the Washington DC basketball team since I knew they had renamed themselves from the Bullets- yeah great name for a team from the previous murder capital of the world which is why it was changed to the Wizards.

Butterfly Explosion were then up and I have to say I really liked their two ep’s and was disappointed when they decided to call it a day last year.  So, reformed and possibly new members since it was a while since I had seen them live- seriously cute and good keyboard player but I remember a female on vocals?  They played some new tunes along with their older ones- Car Park is still outstanding and the new tunes are good but still need some tweaking.  The lead admitted that it was their first gig in a while so I think with some practice that the new ones will sound quite good.  They are still working on the album and hopefully out later this year.

Amusment Parks On Fire finally up and while their name may be pyromaniac material, for me it would be more fitting to call them Campfire To Roast Marshmallows.  I had only listened to a couple of their tunes and I have to say that those tunes are good and were really the only good ones on the night.  Blackout was done pretty early but it was a long tedious wait for Eighty Eight.   The only other tune which I thought was good was their closing Cut To Future Shock which had  a good vibe.

I was next to the soundbooth and could see the setlist so I know the tunes were called by different names but they could have easily been the same tune with the word reprise after it.  They kept on going into the same jam over and over with no discernible difference.  During this there was an obnoxious gobshite in front of me who could be heard over the tunes and for once I didn’t want him to shut up but wanted to actually engage him in conversation!  Yes tenacious is more than the name here and it took some tenacity to stick the whole set.

The most telling part of the set though was when they stopped to have something fixed.  I thought they had finally realised something was wrong with the sound but when the missing sound guy was finally found it wasn’t the sound they were concerned with at all- the light underneath the lead wasn’t working and had wanted it fixed before the next tune!  Definitely a group summed up by style over substance.



  1. Dodged a bullet there so!

    • Oh aye that you did- it feels like I took more than a few bullets for people that night!

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