Of Montreal- Button Factory Jan 09

February 3, 2009

Oh such a busy week last week between gigs, the boys and work so only getting around to this now…

Casio Kids were first up and I was beginning to wonder at that stage if there was even a support group coming on since it was quite a bit after doors when they did get on stage.  Thankfully they did since I hadn’t come across them before and they really have a great dark dark electro vibe.  Quite a few instrumental tunes and nice long ones to boot which remind me of LCD Soundsystem and not just with the use of the cowbell.  When they do use their voices there is an ethereal quality and almost haunting when they harmonise- a group to check out further indeed.

I am afraid that words really aren’t going to do of Montreal justice- I love it when things come together and by god not only did things come together but it was such a collision of bliss that this is the gig to beat already and its only January!

They came on with the usual flare and outfits- black angel wings on the guitarist and Kevin Barnes in his bright colours certainly grab your attention before the tunes even start.  I have to say that I didn’t particular listen to Skeletal Lamping too many times since there were so many changes of rhythm and style within each song it was hard to follow.  The same can be said live and I am not certain of some of the tracks played but Wicked Wisdom and For Our Elegant Caste were recognizable from the lyrics and Nonpareil of Favor and Id Engager for the excellent vibe.  Quite a few of the older tunes as well from Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?- She’s A Rejector, Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse, Gronlandic Edit and Suffer of Fasion all great numbers and ones the audience responded to with enthusiasm.

Overall Kevin Barnes voice seemed more powerful and confident than it was in his last show here and with the setlist mixing up the new and old songs it really gave the tunes a different shape altogether and helped lift it above the usual straightforward recital of a groups music.  What then lifted this up even further was the stage show during the numbers.  It was lacking from the last show but they certainly made up for it this time around with the 5-6 strong cast of actors with a variety of masks, outfits, intimated acts of sex…entertaining to say the least!  Of course some of Kevin’s outfits, or lack thereof, were memorable as well…not many men can carry off wearing gold jocks and a shaving foam outfit!

Just to make sure they ended the show with a bang…Kevin made an apology that this would take some tolerance and kicked into Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit which had the place hopping.  Not an easy job to pull that song off but damn that was good…although I still wish they had played The Past Is A Grotesque Animal- my only niggle for an otherwise bloody excellent gig!

Oh and I finally ran into Nay at the end of the gig…a shame since I had to run for the bloody bus…something that I will have to get use to now with the midweek Nightlink bus service gone!


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