The Very Most- Spring: An Indiecater Release

February 5, 2009

Oh what a bleak week:  out sick with a cold, slushy dirty snow, no more midweek nightlinks and worst of all a levy on my wages just when I need to count on my salary more than ever.

So no better time for some sunshine in my life and what better way than some tunes from Indiecater and the aptly titled Spring from The Very Most!   The first exclusive Indiecater Release with a 4 tune ep which will be followed by Summer on the 1st of May.

It starts off with Today It Is Even Better which has a great upbeat vibe and April Is The Kindest Month slides in with a more mellow feel and some great harmonies and instrumentation.  The Only Pretty Ring Time is like opening the curtains to let the sun in and has a great building pace.  A Two Week,  Springtime, 7th Grade ‘Romance’ takes nearly as long to say as the song lasts but is a great instrumental number which definitely reminds me of young love.

So head over to Indiecater to get this little piece of sunshine into your life- at €2.50 it’s more economical and effective than a SAD lamp!


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