Zeigeist- New EP…And The End

February 5, 2009

I had originally had a post just about Zeigeist’s new ep Neverending Love which was coming out on the 18th of Feb but alas I saw a bulletin that changed things.  They have pushed up the release of the ep to the 5th of Feb since they are calling it a day.  So as they say the queen is dead but if you want to head over to Klicktrack you can hear the tunes from their ep.

Via bulletin:

The Queen is dead

During the past years, we have put more and more love into Zeigeist, fed her like the Queen she have been. At the end of the day, she has demanded all love within us. We have our personal reasons to kill her.

The release of our next single/EP, “The Neverending Love”, a cover of Roxette’s first single, our first cover, will be moved to tomorrow (5th Feb.). The EP also contents “Chasing your shadow all around the world” and a remix of “Humanitarianism” by The Twelves. With this EP, we call it a day. This is the end of Zeigeist. The Queen is dead.

So we raise our glasses, make a toast, a toast in your honor, and tell you this: The search continues. We’re going to find out about the Never. Ending. Love.

With thanks to all our fans



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