I Am Not Lefthanded

February 6, 2009

From a submission comes I Am Not Lefthanded– in their own words ‘a mostly-Irish, currently London-based, female-fronted, over-hyphenated, mellow-rock band’.

Interesting name and I can only presume that they must have been traumatised in school by Christian Brothers who noticed them using their left hand!  What I know though is that with whatever hand they use they create they have a pretty damn good sound.

Their new mini-album of 6 and a bit tunes is called Yes Means No and it really reminds me of the late October Project with the timbre of Kathryn’s voice, the backing of Daniel and Benji and building rhythms in each tune.  Long Goodbyes, Endline (Choose Nothing) and Boatsbutnottheocean are particularly good and really show the strength of the vocals and instrumentation with a nice soft head bopping vibe.

Head on over to their official site to download Long Goodbyes,  check out their videos and buy the tunes!

They haven’t performed in Ireland for quite a number of years but will be doing a three stop tour in Ireland including Upstairs@Whelans on the 23rd of Feb w/Vitruvius and Kitty & the Can Openers.

Endline (Choose Nothing)

Long Goodbyes


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