zZz- Whelans Jan 09

February 6, 2009

Oh what a mucky start to the night- don’t think I was ever as happy to see the open fire in Whelans as I was last Friday!  Although I was up early for the gig for once and even though doors were at 8 they turned away quite a few people and only opened up at 9…no problems though since it was Upstairs and easy enough to get back to the bar and the fire!

With the delayed start though I had to laugh when the support was called Fiasco, Fiesta.  The band do have a good electronic vibe with a nice warm fuzz on the synths and keyboard but they do need some fine tuning-  especially in the vocals as there were quite a few off notes that were throwing the tune sideways and once its done that its very hard to recover.   Some of their friends were giving it their all on the floor so it was good to see they had some support- hopefully I will catch them at some of the smaller venues to see if they have progressed.

zZz were up next and with only a two piece there were a hell of a lot of keyboards and synths.  I knew that they two guys just played the drums and electric organ but quite surprised to see so many boards.   As usual these days I don’t remember the order of the tunes but I think they started with the catchy House of Sin and followed up with the excellent Ecstasy.  Grip and Sweet Sex were some of the other tunes that I recognized and there were quite a few other ones there that had a great psychedelic electro vibe.

The only complaint is that with only the two instruments some of the tunes start sounding similar- still great tunes so not really a complaint!  No problems with similarity towards the end of the gig though when the keyboardist went onto the other boards and by god was there a mash of sound- I think my ears have only started to recover and some of the other gig goers were rather futilely trying to cover their ears.

A memorable end to a pretty darn good gig!


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