Marissa Nadler

February 7, 2009

If you haven’t heard of Marissa Nadler then you have a delight waiting for you.  I have seen her popping up over the last while absolutely everywhere- and for good reason.  What a delightful and enchanting voice that is soft, subtle and absolutely sublime!

Check out Pitchfork, Stereogum, Captain Obvious, Obscure Sound and Rcrd Lbl for reviews and some tunes- especially River of Dirt.

What has me posting though is that she has her own blog, not only with some of her material but of things that interest her and it’s well worth a look.  There is a player on the blog where you can stream some of her tracks and if you visit this post you can get some of her unreleased work- just scroll the bottom and a box.net window will appear where you can can listen or download.

Salutations Improv- Late at night



  1. I hadn’t heard of her neither. Thank you for bringing this artist to my attention, will listen to the downloads. I’ve posted some music video clips on my blog, feel free to visit.

    • Glad I was of some service in bringing her to your attention:-)

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