Phantom First Friday- ALT Feb 09

February 9, 2009

Haven’t been able to make a Phantom night in a long time- with the First Fridays being on the first Friday of every month it always seemed to fall on a gig night or night with the boys.  Their home for these events is ALT (whereas the Phantasms were spread out over town) and actually the first time in there as well- good sound and setup but one of the stickiest floors going.

Arrived a bit late and Heathers were already on so headed straight to the stage since this was who I came to see in particular!  Simply superb and every bit as good live as they are on the cd.  The way their voices are the counterpoint of each other and yet being harmonious as well is something that is an audible heaven.  The lights around them helped create an intimate atmosphere which one of the sisters pointed out as well since she said she loved the feeling of performing with a bubble around them.  Ahh if only I had heard their whole set but the songs I did catch were great and had a quick word with Nadine on their excellence!

Alphastates were up next and from the quick listen to their tunes on MySpace I thought they would be fairly decent.  However the majority of the performance was lacklustre and as a group they didn’t really gel- I don’t know if they have been performing live recently but it looked like some practice was needed.  The last two tunes just about saved them though- think it was Kiss Me and a new one called Champagne Glass which had a good vibe and were catchy.

Superjimenez came on and they still have the same energy they had since the last time I saw them.  I would class them as fun-rock since there is really nothing new but what they do is well done.  They played quite a few of the catchy numbers I remember from last year but some of them I didn’t know…my Phantom listening has dwindled so they probably have been on the radio.  Great set anyway and good reaction from the crowd.

Stayed then afterwards even if it felt like I was the only adult in the room- Sinister Pete was on the decks and he really has his finger on the pulse of tunes-that-gets-crowds-going.  He had his usual great mix of genres and finally left when there was one that I didn’t recognize…which means that it was a mainstream tune as the crowd were still going!


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