Asobi Seksu- Crawdaddy Feb 09

February 13, 2009

A busy night in Crawdaddy which for a Wednesday was pretty good- hadn’t particularly listened to much of Asobi Seksu before heading out but had heard a couple of tunes that peaked my interest.  With all the other tunes and new groups going around these days its getting difficult to listen to the old material from an artist before the gig!

When they finally let the gig goers into the venue a lone figure got up on stage and started strumming away…he announced that the support act had cancelled so we were left with himself for the next short while.  Just him and a guitar and his fine voice- he does have some good songs although it does take a little bit of time for him to get into each of them.  His voice was a bit shaky on the first verse of each tune but by the refrain he was in the zone and hit the vibe in each song.  As he said himself after one of the tunes it might have been the wine kicking in!  Himself finally gave his name near the end and it was Goodtime John– a good time indeed.

It was only a short while before Asobi Seksu came on stage and bam straight into a tune with some excellent drumming- really a savage drummer and have to say that for most of the set I was concentrating on him.   I was concerned that the sound for the drums was set too high though and would drown out Yuki’s voice but no fears there when her voice cut through the sound- a really vibrant and enchanting voice no matter what language she is singing or even wailing in!

As I hadn’t listened to the tunes I wasn’t sure if there were more from their older album or the new one that is going to be released next week.  They played quite a few tunes back to back and they do have more of a post rock sound than I was expecting.  It was done extremely well though and the jams were quite good with that savage drummer!  Although, as with APOF, I don’t think the flashing underlighting is particularly needed but it did accentuate some of the tunes.

I did recognize Thursday and Familiar Light as Yuki’s voice was more prominant on those tunes and not only can she sing and do the keyboards but she had a go at the drums at the end of the encore to round off the show.  I did think it was a bit funny that when they had left the stage after the encore they left one of the machines/guitar(?) on to keep the buzz coming through the amp…and as the crowd didnt want to disperse until that was over the sound guy had to finally run up and turn it off!

For once I remembered to check and see if there were any setlists about since I wanted to know if it was more new material than old…thankfully one of the guys up at the front had grabbed one and I got a pic from that so setlist below and the album its from.

Sing Tomorrow’s Praise-  Hush
Strawberries-  Citrus
Me & Mary-  Hush
Mehnomae-  Hush
Transparence-  Hush
In The Sky-  Hush
Thursday-  Citrus
Gliss-  Hush
Familiar Light-  Hush
Pink Cloud Tracing Paper-  Citrus
Red Sea-  Citrus

Altogether a great vibe from the show and one of the better gigs this year- bought Hush at the end of the show and it will definitely get some playing time over the next while.



  1. Thursday’s a bitching song! Would never have recognised Red Sea at the show though. The instrumental ending is soooo velvetly smooth on the album. That said, you probably could never reproduce that sound in the venue in question.

    Asobi Seksu supporting MBV in Vicar Street though would be a sweet, sweet line-up…

  2. apparently the drummer has a bit of a history in the New York hardcore (punk) scene, so I think that explains his awesomeness…

    • Wherever they got him, it was a great find for them! Reminded me of John Stanier although not quite as awesome.
      Yeah Asobi Seksu supporting MBV would be a great one…thinking of Battles and Vicar St reminds me of their last gig there and it would have been a great line up if Liars had made it to that one…ah the lure of money will do it everytime!

  3. *sniffle*

    I couldn’t go. I have suppressed this all week but Tim, I think you might push me over the edge!

    No Strings though? My fave track from Citrus. Hmmmz.

    • Yeah thought you had missed that one Nay- did have a look around for ya! Yep-no Strings so that can be of some solace at least…not much I know….there is no feeling worse than when you miss a gig you are really looking forward to! Feeling that at the moment for an upcoming gig in which I will rant in another post…grrrrr

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