Hell Yeah!

February 13, 2009

Via UnaRocks…the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s are set to play at Oxegen this year!

I have been trying avoid going to the mudbath over the last couple of years but with the good reports last year and now this, I think I will have to go!

No updates on when their new album will be finished but hopefully soon and I am sure they will be playing lots of the new ones alongside some of their excellent old ones- can’t wait to hear the delightful Karen O again and see what bizarre outfit she has on this occasion!!

[EDIT] again via Una…a comment of when the album is out and the tracklisting…I hate being blocked in work when I can’t lool things up before I post…then again it’s work, go figure!   From what I can tell the album is out on April 13th in the UK and April 14th in the US.

New album ‘It’s Blitz!’ out in April. Tracklisting:
‘Heads Will Roll’
‘Soft Shock’
‘Dull Life’
‘Shame And Fortune’
‘Dragon Queen’
‘Little Shadow’

There’s a great cover of ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker’ on their MySpace at the mo: http://www.myspace.com/yeahyeahyeahs


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