The Little Hands Of Asphalt- Free EP

February 20, 2009

If you head over to How Is Annie Records you can download the Spit Back At The Rain from The Little Hands Of Asphalt for free.  This is just a teaser of 5 tracks from his session that didn’t make it to the album Leap Years which will be released on March 9th.  Tease it does- with sun drenched vocals and an array of subtle instruments these tunes are pure bliss.  I don’t want to over-pitch them since if they didn’t make the cut for the album then there is truly something special in store!

Of course while you are there check out the tunes from the other acts in their roster- this is download heaven if you’re into Norwegian bands!  I really have to wonder how some bands from the Nordic climes come up with English names though- Mom & Johnson Loneliness Missed The 12th Loveboat and Youth pictures of Florence Henderson hint at a slight overindulgence of American 70’s trash tv!



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