Parts & Labor- Crawdaddy Feb 09

February 22, 2009

Crawdaddy was quite busy for a Sunday and even though I wasn’t feeling the best I went along…and glad I did!

Jogging were up first and hadn’t heard of them before- I actually thought they were touring with Parts & Labor but it turns out they are an Irish band.  Musically speaking they are quite good with some nice shoegaze type tunes…however it was a let down is when they started singing.  The lead did have a bottle of wine that he was necking to keep him going and I suppose that sleeping on the floor with only jackets the previous night didn’t help his voice but thankfully the music carried it through for me.

Parts & Labor then started getting setup and I was delighted to see when the bassist BJ brought out a board of electronic gizmos…and just for even more delight he brought out a second board which the main vocal Dan was going to play- sweet!

When they came on stage they kicked straight into the excellent Satellites which is one of their stronger tunes off of their new album Receivers.  As the band has been going for a good few years there were a few tunes that I didn’t recognize then but Solem Show World and New Crimes were in there before the tune that got my attention of the band in the first place- Nowhere’s Neigh which is just a superb track that builds and builds.  The Wedding Song followed and after another older one the rather starkly titled Death.   They ended the night with one of their old tunes called Changing Of The Guard which BJ explained was written for when Bush was inaugurated for the second time- an excellent anthem like tune with a lovely long jam afterwards.  The drummer Joe was great during the set as was the rather sultry looking guitarist Sarah- I have to say though that my attention was on the vocalists Dan and BJ who not only sounded great but the attention to the replication of the sounds from the electronics on the album was excellent.

I did wait to get some merch afterwards and the main guy Dan was the one selling it- while I know its important for the band to press the flesh these day I have to say that after such a great set it is disenhartning to see people in the que treating him like a shop assistant and debating about colours and designs of the shirts and the repeated questions on sizes.  I did have a quick chat with him about the States and he said that they have been in Baltimore quite a bit and there were some great groups coming out of there- Ponytail of course and he mentioned one called Double Dagger which I will have to check out properly soon!


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