Messiah J & The Expert- From The Word Go

February 26, 2009

Wow- I have been very negligent with posts on new albums recently- I bought this at the beginning of December!

For some reason the idea of an Irish hip-hop/rap group doesn’t really sound good on paper and as its not my favourite genre of music it would take a particularly good group to get my attention:  Messiah J & The Expert do just that!  Intelligent lyrics, catchy electro, driving rhythms- you can’t ask for more and there are quite a few standout tunes on their latest album From The Word Go.

The first three tracks Year Of The Genie, Megaphone Man and Keep The Noise Down all have a great vibe and its hard not to keep the feet from tapping.  Tomorrow Is Too Late is really stunning for its poignancy and Geography has a great fast pace with interspersed singing.  The real standout though is Jean Is Planning An Escape- driving rhythms, catchy as hell and one of the best lyrically on the topic of spousal abuse.

You can download Jean Is Planning An Escape from their official blog and for the album they have been nominated for a Meteor Award- so get clicking!

Jean Is Planning An Escape


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