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Tinnitus- My Hell

March 16, 2009

I have been quiet about this over the last few weeks- partly because of the embarrassment and partly because of exhaustion.

It is time I said it though and the fact that I have truly fucked up my ears between having an ear infection/virus and going to one gig too many without having proper protection for my ears.

I now have tinnitus and it has had such a devastating effect on my life over the last month that it really is no longer a life I lead but an existence.

My life is filled with a high pitch ringing that is insistent and unending.
The pain and pressure on the ears from the virus magnifies everything.
I am unable to sleep.
I have no appetite and have to force myself to eat.
I cannot concentrate.

I have put money before my health over the last few months and if I had ordered the musician plugs I had promised myself for Christmas and had gone to the doctor straight away when I wasn’t feeling well then I would not be in this state.  As always, I looked after everybody else first and only myself when forced to.  Well I am certainly forced to now and  I have been to the specialist and will be getting tests to determine a few things but ultimately, from what I have read, there is not much that can be done.

To say that this is life changing would be to minimalise the extent that it has changed my life over the last month- this is devastating and has changed my whole existence.   My life now centers around forcing myself to work and running home to bed to try to get some peace with music on.  I still have to mind the boys and this has also had an effect on them since their dad is no longer a playful man but somebody who is a shadow of himself.  I have been unable to meet with friends, go to the cinema or even go out at all since the exhaustion and sound is so encompassing.

I am unable to sleep even with soft sounds or white noise playing in the background with the tinnitus cutting above those sounds and still noticeable- even with sleeping tablets I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.

I cannot underestimate how important it is to wear ear plugs when going to a gig or nightclub- you might think that it is not that loud and make the same mistake as me.  You can find the foam ones at chemists and for the few minutes it will take you on the way to the venue it is worth every minute for your sanity.

You really need to watch this and make the effort to protect your ears– nobody else is going to so make sure you do!

Tinnitus- Can You Hear That?

I will not say I will be stopping this blog as the only thing keeping me sane is listening to music, but it will definitely be slowing down since my concentration is non existent most nights.  This post is going to be a sticky on the front for everybody to see as a permanent reminder.


Friend Requests- Check Your Demographic!

March 16, 2009

Seriously- sometimes I wonder about the friend requests in MySpace.  Some great artists find you that way but sometimes they should check the demographic of the people they are mailing.  They must know that I like music from Norway but really DMRevolution?  A girl group that ranges in age from 13-15 and the following statement:

The driving force of our group is the joy of dancing and singing, and that..s what we want to show the world. We try our best to be positive role models, and we want to encourage kids our age to live their dreams, and to say NO to drugs and alcohol. We really want to inspire kids through our dance and music. And if we can make a difference in someone..s life, the hard work is all worth it, and then that..s what we need to be doing.

Best of luck to them but they won’t be on my friends list for some reason…if I had who would I put them next to on my top friends? Rammstein?

Just to make it better, I was thinking of titling this post ‘Seriously?’ and I found it quite humorous that a short while after changing it there was a friend request from Ken Serious who sings reggae…new title certainly more apt!


Dark Room Notes- The Making Of ‘We Love You Dark Matter’

March 16, 2009

If you want an insight to how Dark Room Notes approached the making of their latest album We Love You Dark Matter check out the interview they did while recording in London.


Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and BitTorrents

March 16, 2009

Following on the post about 50 Foot Wave allowing their work to be downloaded via torrents and all the press about The Pirate Bay, I thought that this post by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation was rather interesting.

The Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has started offering content to download through their own BitTorrent trackers.  As they say:  By using BitTorrent we can reach our audience with full quality media files.  Experience from our early tests show that if we’re the best provider of our own content we also gain control of it.

They go on further with their own doctrine:

If you want control of your content you need to lock it down in a vault and never show it to anyone. We gave up control of our content the day we started broadcasting. For years our most popular content have been available on BitTorrent and on sites like YouTube anyway. DRM doesn’t work. The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it. If people want it on YouTube then you should publish it on YouTube or in a system that give the same experience. If people want it on BitTorrent then you should provide that. If you do it right people will come to your official publish point and you’ll end up with more control.

Doubtless not every company would agree with this but it’s interesting to see a company taking charge and actually using a new medium instead of fighting against it.


50 Foot Wave- Free Download

March 16, 2009

Had listened to 50 Foot Wave’s tunes before and quite liked the harder edge from Kristen Hersh.

They have a new ep called Power + Light that you can download for free…and not only that you can download everything they have done for free– all 4 EPs, instrumentals, live recordings, and as they put it a few other goodies.

Interesting to see that not only do they have a choice of flac and mp3 but they also have a choice of a direct download or download via a torrent- not something you would see with all the publicity over torrent sites recently.

Clara Bow


Road Records Benefit- Set Times

March 14, 2009

A bit late in the day but just got these from Thumped.

Doors 19:30
20:20 to 20:50 Large Corpo
21:00 to 21:30 Adrian Crowley
21:40 to 22:10 Colm MacConIomaire
22:20 to 23:00 Si Schroeder
23:10 to 23:50 The Jimmy Cake
00:00 to 00:50 Jape
01:00 to Close Road DJs

Just remember that these are provisional…

I shan’t be there with my crippling tinnitus but more on that later.


Micachu And The Shapes- New Album Jewellery

March 9, 2009

Great vibe off of Micachu And The Shapes– their new album called Jewellery has been released by the excellent label Rough Trade.  Can’t say it better than they have themselves…although some capitalisation would have been nice!


Release Date: 09/03/2009

rough trade exclusive with a limited to 500 copies mix cd from micachu – it features everyone from golden silvers to toddla t. rough trade records are delighted to announce the signing of 21 year old mica levi aka micachu. ‘jewellery’ is her debut album. a reluctant star, mica isn’t so fussed about the flashing lights and lenses, no matter who’s listening or not, the music will always play on. but people were listening, and label interest was bound to follow such prodigal output. mica gives a suitably humble response to the band’s very recent signing to a very worthy new home at rough trade records. “this is a very exciting venture for us as everyone at the label is very supportive and enthusiastic, we feel the ethos of the label is distinctive and we are proud to be along side such legendary musicians.” equally at home making brilliant leftfield pop, as she is composing for orchestras and making mix tapes that mash up dubstep, grime, garage and pop, it comes as no surprise that micachu’s matthew herbert produced debut lp ‘jewellery’ is the aural equivalent of a chameleon: a multi-coloured, multi-layered conflation of ground breaking sounds and ideas.



Fol Chen- Cable TV And No Wedding Cake

March 9, 2009

Strange I had this open just as the No Wedding Cake hit the airwaves on Phantom followed by Cable TV…Fol Chen is not a band that you hear everyday!

In the drafts for a bit- RCRD LBL has had them out for a few weeks now already but head over there to download the tunes Cable Tv and No Wedding Cake.

Cable TV

Still like the cracking The Believers which you can get at RCRD LBL as well.


The Deer Tracks- Aurora UK Release

March 9, 2009

The Swedish group The Deer Tracks have released their album Aurora in the UK- I had forgotten how blissful they are!  Slow Collision is a superb track between the vocals and instruments and I just can’t get the tune 127SexyFyra out of my head- ambient crackles and hisses with horns and woodwinds alongside almost whispered voices-ahhh!

Reminiscent of the excellent Efterklang but that is always a good thing.  They are touring the UK but alas nothing planned for Ireland.



The Eight Percent- Alexander Poe Short

March 9, 2009

Great to see a new short film from Alexander Poe!  I still remember his previous work that I had posted about and Valerie and Please Forget I Exist are memorable and superbly done.  His new one, The Eight Percent, is lighter than those stories but has a similar theme of human interaction which is showcased well with Benjamin McKenzie from the O.C. and Ashley Williams who I remember from Huff a few years back.

His film has been chosen to be one of five in a viewers choice competition for short films run by Delta.  The winning short will be shown at the end of the Tribeca Film Festival which will be happening at the end of April.  I watched the other shorts as well and while some are good, I have to say that The Eight Percent is the best among them so will hopefully get the votes and be shown to the wider audience at Tribeca.

Thankfully somebody has ripped the copy from the Delta site and put it up on YouTube- per Alexander Poe’s blog there are a lot of enthusiastic fans out there for Mr. McKenzie and in his own words ‘It’s a little more jittery than the Delta version but hey, publicity is publicity and isn’t getting bootlegged the mark of having made it in today’s film world?’

I say thankfully because I had no end of trouble with Delta’s video hosting and almost gave up watching the others with the number of times I had to reload the videos and watch them from the beginning again.

Voting ends on the 12th of April so head over to Delta to vote.  If you are curious about Alexander Poe’s other projects then check out his production site Redux Productions or his YouTube channel.

The Eight Percent