Fol Chen- Cable TV And No Wedding Cake

March 9, 2009

Strange I had this open just as the No Wedding Cake hit the airwaves on Phantom followed by Cable TV…Fol Chen is not a band that you hear everyday!

In the drafts for a bit- RCRD LBL has had them out for a few weeks now already but head over there to download the tunes Cable Tv and No Wedding Cake.

Cable TV

Still like the cracking The Believers which you can get at RCRD LBL as well.



  1. No way, did Phantom actually play Fol Chen? I’m impressed. Was listening in to Phantom for the first time in ages and was very surprised to hear a track by the Chemical Brothers. What happened to their no dance policy?!

    • Yeah haven’t been the most avid listener recently so was surprised when I heard them…and it wasn’t on Jim Carrolls where you would expect! Have to say that I haven’t heard much dance but put it down to time that I was listening…will keep an ear out now to see if I can catch any.

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