Tinnitus Sticky

May 19, 2009

The actual post on my tinnitus was too long to remain a sticky so you can check out the full post here.

The important note is that if you are going to regularly go to gigs/clubs make sure you wear earplugs!


  1. Oh dude no… what an awful thing to happen. I’ve a close friend who suffers from Tinnitus after a bang on his head – now the room needs to be completely quiet before he can hear what I’m saying. He gave me the impression that there’s nothing he can do, but your post and comment thread are entirely hopeful, have you any tips/herbal tricks you found useful?
    I hope the condition eases up soon.

    • Hey Kate- yep awful it is. Your friend is correct for the most part- you just need to get use to it which is difficult to say the least. As to the gingko biloba I think it may depend on how the tinnitus started in the first place- the supplement seems to work for me and other people that have it as a result of noise damage. Not sure if would work for people that have it as head trauma, diving accidents, ear infections etc. It will never get rid of the tinnitus but for me at least it seems to distance the sound which makes it slightly more bearable.

      I would say that it is worth a try at the very least- not available in this country but you can mail order it or get it up north. Most recommendations seem to be 120mg of standarized extract ginkgo biloba twice a day. Seemingly the important bit is ‘standarized extract’ as this is more concentrated than others. Hope it helps alieviate a little anyway!

  2. Thanks a million, I’ll pass the advice forward.

  3. Yikes! I usually go home from a concert with my ears ringing. I always forget to bring my earplugs…not going to forget now

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