Ane Brun And Her Diamonds- The Sugar Club May 09

May 22, 2009

Do you ever have a night where not only are your expectations met but they are surpassed to such an extent that you feel like you are in a different realm?  Yeah last night was one of those nights in the Sugar Club for Ane Brun– hardly a whisper from the crowd sitting there enthralled by the Norwegians distinct voice.   There were moments that were so perfect that it made me wonder what life would be in 4d and that this must be what it is like!  I have said it before- the Scandinavians just ooze talent.

First up was Jennie Abrahamsson with four tunes and her guitar.  She has an excellent voice although tonally it didn’t catch me.  I thought she sounded/looked familiar though and a quick look at the feed reader this morning came up with the video she did with another of my favourites Frida Hyvönen.

Next up was the heavily lashed Rebekka Karijord on the electric piano.  Four tunes again with a great start and had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck- her voice definitely has a catch!  The next two tunes were good but didn’t particularly make the best use of her voice- something which was rectified with her last song The Noble Art Of Letting Go which really grabbed my attention.  That will probably be the title for her upcoming album so keep your ears peeled.

Ane Brun then came out with her Diamonds- they comprise of Jennie and Rebekka as above and a third girl, Rachel Davies, who was the only non Nord up on the stage.

What can I say about Ane?  To put it succinctly:  compelling, entrancing, effortless and flawless.

There have been plenty of singer songwriters that I have heard live and just don’t live up to the quality of their recordings.  From the moment she started singing I was rooted in place and I couldn’t believe how captivating her voice was in person- it was excellent on the album but simply superb live.

It had been a while since I had listened to her album Changing of the Seasons but I had it on heavy rotation when it first came out and each and every song she played last night was perfect.   She had an array of guitars behind her that she changed for every tune and I was especially surprised at how she approached The Puzzle- great fast paced guitar work which isn’t on the album version.

The Diamonds were also pitch perfect on the tunes and some great moments of counter point with Ane’s voice especially in The Changing of the Seasons.

Ane was very chatty with the audience as well and was great at introducing the tunes with a story and humour.

For The Puzzle she said that she writes lots of songs about heartbreak and that she still will…but hopefully not about her own heartbreak.  Before The Changing Of The Seasons she dedicated it to all of the Scandinavians in the audience and said they were all over the world just like the Irish…and just to cover herself, that the tune was also dedicated to everybody else who felt like they were Scandinavian after hearing it.  On My Star she asked how many people were friends with their ex’s and that the song was written for her ex…before he became her ex that is and once she said that a few prospects in the audience gave her a headsup that they were free.   The humour wasn’t just in the introductions though and there was a tour song in the encore that about them being nearly run off the road by a trucker in the forest.

Before her last song, Ane actually thanked the audience for being so attentive since it makes a big difference to the artists on stage when they know their music is being appreciated.   For a night as a whole it was the best gig I have been to in a long time- all the artist were engaging, the crowd were appreciative, and the majority of performances were mesmerising.  If you get a chance to see Ane Brun it is not something I would pass up!

The playlist which I managed to get a picture of thanks to Mr Silverfox at the end:

1   My Lover Will Go

2   Raise My Head (for the pedantics I am not sure if they actually sang this third)

3   To Let Myself Go

4   Gillian

5   The Puzzle

6   Changing of the Seasons

7   Round Table Conference

8   Lullaby for Grown Ups

9   Take it Slow

10 Armour

11 The Treehouse Song

12 My Star

13 The Fall

14 Don’t Leave

15 Ten Seconds


16 Big In Japan- Alphaville cover

17 If I Had A Bibbon Bow- Odetta cover

18 Petrified Forest- tour song fun and very humorous!

19 Balloon Ranger


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