James Yuill

May 25, 2009

If James Yuill doesn’t get your head nodding and your toe tapping then you might as well go to the North Pole since there is nothing that is ever going to warm your soul.  His album Turning Down Water For Air has some seriously catchy tunes that will stay in the head for days at a time!

The tunes are a great mix of acoustic guitar along with various electro elements.   No Surprise is unquestionably the one that will stay with you the longest with No Pins Aloud close behind.  I quite like Left Handed Girl and This Sweet Love as well for their melancholic yet hopeful air and Head Over Heels for its xylophone drenched despair.

From the video for No Surprise it appears that he plays everything that you hear and he has a techie setup so that he can play the tunes live.  According to his Twitter though it does have its downfalls and the last three gigs have had laptop mishaps.

He will be playing Academy 2 on June 25th and you can get the track No Surprise from Rcrd Lbl or head to his official site for some remixes.

No Surprise

No Pins Aloud


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