Sofia Talvik

May 28, 2009

It has been a while since I first heard Sofia Talvik– with her resounding A Carol For The Lonely though it is a voice that I cherish to hear and thank to It’s A Trap!, I have been more than acquainted with it again!

Just a quick post from him to say that twitterers could get her new single Strawberries On My Tounge first by following her and bang I have been surrounded by her excellent voice all week.

You can get some of her tunes at the download section of her site or you can watch the plethora of videos there- some great ones from her latest album Jonestown along with some older ones that I keep on returning to.  There is also a great live video series of Jonestown with guest artists.

Alas her online shop is currently not open as she is doing a solo tour of the States at the moment but it will re-open on her return to Sweden in August.  If you want to get digital copies head over to ReverbNation where you can also listen to some of the tracks.

In addition to Sofia’s voice, what I really find refreshing is that as she runs her own label and is fully integrated in new social media.  Not only does she have a MySpace and Facebook group but on on her official site you can become her Google friend and on Twitter she is using Twitpay in order to sell her single.  Definitely a good sign seeing an artist ahead of the curve.

No word on a tour after the States but hopefully Ireland will be included in any upcoming European jaunt.

In the meantime…


Its Just Love

In The Eye Of The Storm- vlog of new song

Paper House- vlog of new song


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