Dan Deacon- ALT June 3rd 2009

June 20, 2009

Finally getting a chance to get this up- been a bit hectic of late so not much free time at all.

Eventful start to night when I met Damien Mulley outside and then realised I had lost my ticket…for a sold out show!  Thankfully it had fallen out of the pocket around the corner and there must have only been short sighted touts that night since it was still on the ground.

All of the supports were part of Dan Deacon’s Ensemble in one fashion or another.

First up were Teeth Mountain who had a good vibe and a savage girl on the drums- long tunes since they only played the two which unfortunately made them a bit repetitive.

Second up was Adventure who is just one guy and a keyboard. Good on the keyboard for most of the tunes but lacklustre since no vocals and barely any movement.  Was wondering at one stage if he had spent too much time down in the basement as a teenager- there is a lot of radon gas in Maryland and I think he might have been overexposed.

Future Islands were next and by God did they make up for the lack of energy in the previous act- the lead singer was bouncing around all over the place but sound wise they were a bit too psychedelic for my liking and tuned out.

The set up for Dan Deacon then started- this being about midnight- and the audience were definitely dedicated Dan fans since there was a cheer when the megaphone came out and the green skull was put up.  Dan and the Ensemble then came on about half 12- quite a bit different than his usual one man show in the middle of the crowd to one up on stage with about 12 musicians.

Can’t remember the complete playlist but to be honest for Dan Deacon its not about what he played but about the cooperative experience that you get at one of his gigs.  That being said I did love when Snookered came on and it definitely seemed like an extended version which was brilliant even if the crowd were waning at the end.  Of course you cannot contain Dan on the stage forever and he came down on the floor for some of usual fun with the audience.

He had the crowd kneel down and form a circle around the singled out Kenny who performed a slow interpretive dance with the crowd following suit and after that finally disintegrated the audience were split into two sides and a dance off ensued.  The Tunnel was up and Dan wanted it to go out into the street which it did but not quite as long as it did on the second night from the reports-via ThrillPier-that I heard.  Alas I didn’t join this time- sometimes it does help to have a few drinks in order to fully enjoy the DD crowd fun and as I had to drive home no drinks for me.   Thankfully I wasn’t the only one and the band kept playing to the remaining few of us until the crowd started to filter back in.  The wind-down was starting then and we were played some funky bossa nova and crowd surfing by one of the band members…who went off to get changed into a crab costume for some more!

So it was at 2am that the gig finally ended and I have to say that Dan Deacon is always a great experience.  I do like the tunes from Bromst and they sound great live…and yet I missed the chaos of his gig at Electric Picnic last year where you had the feeling of a near death experience by being in such a crowd mosh.

If you haven’t heard any of his work you can head to his official site (as he says ‘A really bad, formerly good page) where you can get almost all of his back-catalogue for free- not quite as cohesive as Bromst so definitely make sure you have a listen to that.


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