City Breathing- My Apple IIe Is Singing Sad Songs To Me

July 4, 2009

City Breathing are back with a new ep perfect for end of a stressful week-four excellent tunes which will flow over you and get you into a peaceful frame of mind.

My Apple IIe Is Singing Sad Songs To Me certainly is an indication of their sound- a bit of melancholy sweetness with slow building post-rock numbers.  What will catch you though are the ethereal falsettos and great instrumentation- the standout for me is The Hum Of Passing Cars which really makes you think that if cities breath then this is how it should sound!

You can download their ep for free (and donate!) along with buying the cd which comes with a letter pressed Apple IIe (5.25”) floppy disk case which be worth it for nostalgia alone…a long time since those were around!

Alas no individual videos for the tunes but while you’re waiting for the download have a look at their taster for the ep and check out the vid from their previous ep here.


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