Drama At The Disco

July 16, 2009

No real drama but it has been a while since I have posted due to real life being rather busy over the last month and a bit.  Still trying to catch up on loads of tunes and quite a few good ones that I will need to listen to more…the problem with following more music blogs and getting submissions is that it can be difficult to follow up on everything!

Still getting to quite a few gigs as well but have been a bit slow on getting my thoughts down on them- so a few posts to follow that are rather old but putting them up for posterity and my memory’s sake.

Of course it didn’t help that when I did have the time bloody Eircom broadband was down due to somebody’s extended coffee break a denial of service attack or whatever reason the tight-lipped Eircom will eventually come up with.

So things have calmed down a bit and I will hopefully plough through some of the backlog…could nearly start a new blog on Scandinavian music with everything there!


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