Elephant Stone- The Seven Seas

July 16, 2009

Another excellent release from Indiecater with Elephant Stone– I don’t recall hearing them before but definitely a bounty of ear-catching tunes.

This Montreal based group are certainly different than the usual electronic/punk groups that I hear from there- excellent high registers with falsettos that are never cloying and are reminiscent of so many Swedish groups that have been in my ears recently. [Edit-see comments]

Throughout the album there is a great psych rock vibe and surprisingly an eastern tinge to the tunes which really works well.  I have to admit that when I first heard the sitar I did cringe (with memories of ruining my mothers Beatles LP’s by skipping over those Harrison tracks) but it is played extremely well and when combined with both western and eastern percussion the tracks are pretty rockin.

It starts of with Bombs Bomb Away which is a rousing sunshine tune and the next one which caught my ear is I Am Blind which has just the right balance with the reverb.  The Straight Line is the one that really caught me out with its sitar start and about halfway through there is a metamorphis with the addition of drums and an excellent post-rock vibe.  Blood From A Stone marks another change and feels more like a soliloqy with its instrumental start and strings later on.  It ends with the excellent Don’t You Know which has a good slow shoegaze start and again halfway through there is a complete change of tack with the introduction of the eastern instruments and it ends on a great jam reverb and all.

So head over to Indiecater and get these tunes for the paltry amount of €4.00 which is still less than a shot of voka and will stay much longer in the head!




  1. This album and band are the best thing to ever come out of MONTREAL CANADA!!! (not sweden).



  2. Apologies- thats what I get for not wanting to be influenced by the blurbs- Polaris Prize is definitely a giveaway! Will amend now-my ears are too much in Sweden these days!

    • OK- after another email I just wanted to double check where they are originally from and nothing online at their official site so fired off a mail to their press office to get where each band member is from…and copies of their passports so there is no doubt! (Yes joking about the passports just in case somebody thinks I am serious)

      • Right-conclusive answer from a mail straight from the band:

        Rishi: Indian-decent, born in Montreal
        Robbie: Montreal
        Chris: Montreal
        Rich: Windsor,Ontario
        Bobby: Sudbury,Ontario

        So thats that sorted thankfully-great to hear they were nominated for the Polaris- had a look at the competition and some damn fine groups there. http://www.polarismusicprize.ca/home/

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