James Yuill- Academy2 June 09

July 16, 2009

Ahh my un-favourite venue which was more than on the quiet side with it being Glastonbury weekend.  If there ever was a venue in need of a makeover its the ground floor and basement rooms of The Academy…the pillars and low ceiling are really a nuisance when trying to see the acts on stage.

So straight back towards the bar and sound-booth where there is a chance of seeing the groups and with it being so quiet I actually struck up a conversation with James since he was standing there on his tod.  Kind of a weird feeling when he actually recognized me from Twitter since I had sent a few tweets his way.  Really sound dude though and it’s always a good thing when you can have a chat about Warp artists.

The first group up were The Riptide Movement– had heard their name doing the rounds but had never caught their tunes.  There is nothing really new about their sound but they are very good at what they do and the drummer was pretty rocking.   They remind me of CCR or The Doors and as the second support said the leads voice is bang on that of Jim Morrison so that is always a positive.

Second support was Joe Echo who was accompanied by his brother- they were performing in shorts as they had run from setting up a second gig for the night and didn’t have a chance to change.  Dubious dress sense aside Joe has a good voice and great use of the looping pedals which gave them a bigger sound than just two guys on acoustic guitars.

James Yuill was finally up and at that stage there were a few more people…still only about 40 but great to have some people interspersed between the pillars!  Good setup on stage for a solo artist between the synths and the guitar slung over his back.  His voice was every bit as catchy as it is on the album and it was good to hear him expand some of his tunes with some electric asides and jams- a much darker sound than on his album which I always find is better for a live performance.

Probably his best tune in my book was No Surprise and while he played a more stripped down version it was still damn good.  He had great interaction with the crowd as well and for some tunes he even gave a choice as to what they wanted to hear- so we ended up with the acoustic version of No Surprise straight after and even without the catchy electronic layers it is an excellent tune.

Not positive of the exact playlist so this is more an approximation than anything:

How Could I Lose (or You Always Do)
She Said In Jest
Head Over Heels
No Pins Allowed
Over The Hills-  which led into a nice long electric jam
Left Handed Girl
When You’re Alone- new one
This Sweet Love
No Surprise- different mix than album
No Surprise- acoustic
Dance Track-uncertain if it has a name.


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