One For The Team- Upstairs At Whelans July 09

July 30, 2009

Hadn’t heard of One For The Team until a few days before they hit town- a piece over at Musical Rooms peaked my interest enough though so had a listen to a couple of their tunes over at their label Afternoon Records and they were pretty catchy.

So Upstairs At Whelans again and while not many people waiting, interestingly enough there was a guy taking random pics of people- why on earth he would want one of me I don’t know but I didn’t crack the lens so there might be a pic of me floating around the blogosphere somewhere.

We Cut Corners (formerly Camogie Lovers) were up first and while not a huge gathering of people this duo gave some great entertainment.  Good voices with sometimes more than a tinge of melodrama and definitely humour.  With song titles ranging from Dumb Blonde to YKK (as in zipper) and Black Russian you certainly had to take everything tongue in cheek.

Heritage Centre were up next and I forgot how many members there were- it was only with the crowd being halved by them going on stage that I realised there were only about 12 people in the room to begin with.  Having seen them relatively recently not much has changed- except maybe downwards unfortunately.  While they don’t have much room to manoeuvre on stage it appeared they were doing things by route and weren’t very engaging.   The drummer was still good and I did notice more of a Placebo-ish vibe from the the lead singers vocals.  Still think there is some promise but time and some new tunes will tell.

One For The Team were finally up and speaking of promise there was only a little bit of that for me.  They have some good tunes but for the most part there was nothing too catchy- it was only near the end with Build It Up and Build A Garden that they really shone through.  The vocals by Ian are good but ultimately it was only when he was joined by Grace that I think they had an interesting sound.  They did have good banter with the crowd throughout and even had a joke at the expense of Mullingar where they were the previous night.   Unfortunately not enough to win me over though and We Cut Corners remained the highlight of the night.

Thanks to Ian for the pass anyway- needs must these days after all the budget changes this year!


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