JJ, XX, ZaZa…And Of Course UUVVWWZ

August 10, 2009

Ok- there seems to be some sort of epidemic recently with the names of bands and iterations!

None of the groups have the same sound or indeed come from the same place so it must be global epidemic along the lines of Influenza A(H1N1) and there will probably be longer iterations than UUVVWWZ to follow…and even more un-pronounceable!

JJ have gone the electro Swedish route of completely hiding who they are so it’s difficult to find any information whatsoever.  Not even a MySpace to link to but when I also hear about them from Irish electro artists then I know there must be a cult following afoot.  Understandable when you hear them though- ear grabbing electro tunes with female vocals and the hint of calypso and kettle drums.   You can find their albums  jj n° 1 and  jj n° 2 over at their label Sincerely Yours where you can download From Africa To Malaga or have a look at Obscure Sound or RCRD LBL.

The XX hail from the UK and have some good tunes- subtle vocals with electro goodness.  The best is Crystalized which you can hear at their official page or at the moment you can stream their entire album at We7.com.  There is also a good piece by Obscure Sound where you can grab a couple more of their tunes- all of them don’t hit the spot but a group to check out.

ZaZa are a Brooklyn based duo with falsettos and drums galore.  First heard Sooner Or Later over at Gimme Tinnitus and its a doozy.  RCRD LBL are the only ones that have Repetition at the moment and which has a great punch as well if a bit dreamier- really looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

UUVVWWZ– yep that’s a mouthful for this Nebraskan group!  Not pronounced U-U-V-V-W-W-Z but Double-U-Double-V-Double-W-Z…egads.  They have a great punk tinged sound with jangles all over the place and a great dramatic voiced lead female- oh yeah!  There are two tracks currently doing the rounds all over the place but just head to RCRD LBL for your hit of jangly goodness- Shark Suit and Jap Dad.


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