Mason Proper

August 13, 2009

Another day another new group that has my ear- Mason Proper have a melancholic almost haunting sound which is perfectly captured in the tune Safe For The Time Being.

The song opens with ethereal backing sounds, a lone pounding bass drum, simple guitar finger plucking and a powerful falsetto vocal punch from the lead singer Jonathan Visger that is just pure bliss on the ears.  All of which visually translates in the excellent video below…

We filmed this last summer in an unbelievably hot warehouse
with our friends Hott Garbage
and many extras who were also quite hot by the end
and it was so hot
that the film melted
and it took nearly a year to restore to it’s original glory
but here it finally is

Safe For The Time Being
Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can get the Safe For The Time Being remix ep here which has the titled tune along with two remixes as well as a remix of another tune Lock And Key.  If you head over to their official site and you can also get some of their original tunes from the albums Olly Oxen Free and There Is A Moth In Your Chest- Life’s Cornucopia is a must listen and is just sublime.

As if that wasn’t enough- from a link on their MySpace they have the huge FREE mason proper collection– and they certainly aren’t joking about it being huge!  Some tunes from each of their albums, covers (the Kayne West vs LCD Soundsystem has to be heard),  solo work,  spoof interviews, links to YouTubes…pretty much every angle covered!

Life’s Cornucopia– live performance so ignore the chatter.


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