August 16, 2009

I knew it wouldn’t be long before an artist came along after the post on iterations…but damn that was quick!

V?V!V is the moniker and I’m not sure if you should say the V’s with the intonation associated with the punctuation or if you should just verbalise the punctuation.  No help on his MySpace on that front since his url is 3VVV and on his page he has Vquestionmark…oh dear.

Anyway, unpronouncibility aside, on the tune front he has my ear- an electric French artist with some down and dirty remixes up on his player.  Surprised by the first remix up on his player…or not given that the it’s the cracking track No Surprise from one of my favourites this year James Yuill.  There are also some good remixes of the Nigerian artist Femi Kuti’s You Better Ask Yourself and La Cause from the French group La Phaze.

Not much other information and no videos so while you’re pondering how to say the name head over there and give them a listen!




  1. Hi

    We have also recently completed a post about V? (or Vquestionmark).

    We have been in touch with him and it seems that’s the way to write it, but to be fair he also writes it a variety of different ways, so it’s still not certain.

    Great artists all the same…

    Find it here – http://therecommender.net

    Brighton, UK

    • Cool-thanks for the link!

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