Candy Claws- In The Dream Of The Sea Life

September 2, 2009

Ahh another delightful release from Indiecater with Candy Claws– electronica soaked tunes with some of the catchiest syncopation I have heard in a while.  Everything is certainly there to remind you of the sea life- hazy voices, dreamy distortion, and analogue sounds that will leave you with visions of the sea, sunshine and the wind whipping through your hair…all things that Ireland are sadly lacking this year!

It kicks of with Diving Knife with quite a long lead in of just over a minute but then there are quite intense sounds that will certainly grab your attention.  Lantern Fish follows with a very catchy start and what sounds like distorted splash sounds throughout.

What comes next is a triumvirate of tunes and as with any tri-structure they are strong on their own right but together they have a strength that is hard to beat.   Starry Fighter Kite kicks it off with some damn catchy almost clockwork syncopation and harmonies with Catamaran following up not only with great harmonies but great synth and bells/xylophone that will give you the impression of cutting through the waves.  Sun Is My Girl ends it with some great distortion and vocals that make you feel you sunning yourself on deck while drifting in the shallows.

What follows is quite good as well- the harmonies in Flashy Storm are superb and Island Grows and Snowflake Eel Wish have a slight change of pace with some slower syncopation.  Not Strange Winged Snail is the beginning of end and brings in a hint of steel drums and the sitar tinged Snowy Shores is the perfect last track with subtlety being the key.

All in all there is great continuity through the album and track-listing really makes this an album that you need to listen to as a whole and not the individual tracks.   That being said, there is no better time to decide to host music on the blog with an Indiecater release and you can check out the cracking tune Catamaran below- and in keeping with the the puns from Mr. Indiecater, I would be surprised if it doesn’t float your boat!

Candy Claws – Catamaran

So head over to Indiecater where you can check out the whole album and get the download for €4 or if you’re one who likes the likes the physical feel of music, Mr. Indiecater is also now releasing cd’s so you can get the cd for €8 if your quick!

In The Dream Of The Sea Life Front Cover


  1. Well, we feel so proud that you chose Candy Claws to kick off your song hosting days! Thanks so much Tim for this and all your ace reviews over the last while.

    • Anytime:-) Keep all the great groups coming!

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