Deerhunter- Whelans Aug 09

September 10, 2009

Didn’t get a chance to listen to either the support Angkorwat or Deerhunter in full before heading to the gig but went based on the buzz alone.  I have been meaning to check out Deerhunter for a while now but it was just one of those groups that has gone by the wayside since I have been so busy recently.

So not too surprised that Whelans was quite busy for the support but I was surprised by the diminutive female that is Angkorwat behind the keyboards.  Some delightful hazy and shimmering tunes and her voice hits the spot- lots of looping as well but for comparison Juana Molina would have a better vibe.  Interesting visuals of what looked like a practice session for a burlesque performance but shown high up on the wall so it didn’t particularly add much to the performance.

Deerhunter then came on and the exhausted looking Bradford Cox gave a quick hello before hammering into the tunes.  I have no idea of the setlist but the first one was a catchy number as was the second which the crowd certainly knew and had them dancing about.  The third tune was a bit of a mis-step though and seemed to kill the vibe which thankfully returned on the 4th and 5th tune.  After that it was hard to keep track of tunes since they were multifaceted and with the emphasis on instrumentation they seemed to mold into each other- a great vibe though and they kept the crowds attention.

During the gig there wasn’t much interaction between Bradford and the crowd with the exception of him saying how mellow we were and then had a little aside talking about Mello Yellow, tripping over clouds and waterfalls of pink foam.  When he came back on for the encore he certainly made up for any lack of  interaction by asking about our bedrooms and wanting us to shout out loud what they were like while he was tuning different instruments…the shouts did last for a while and he seemed genuinely pissed off when they stopped and he wasn’t ready.

After one encore his good humour came back though and he was engaging the crowd with some humour and trying to get the drummer to have the ta-dish on time.   He mentioned he has been in Whelans more than his own bedroom this year and after some guy shouting U A he said in a mock english accent that it must be sports related and his disdain for football.  So UA became United Artists and then Ugly Asshole where he had a go at himself by saying there were enough of those in his house with all the mirrors…was waiting for the ta-dish but it was mis-timed as usual.  To wrap things up he had a little ditty for Chris the sound guy whose birthday it was he went into another tune which was a cracker indeed.

S0 a great night of tunes and I really must give them more of a listen and will hopefully know them by the time they hit town again…probably not too long from now since Bradford has a fondness for Johnnie (aka Eddie) Rockets.


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