Yeah Yeah Yeahs- St. Georges Market Belfast August 09

September 10, 2009

I am not one to usually travel for gigs since the planning can be fun with hectic schedule- for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that is a definite exception to the rule!  When I found out they weren’t going to be hitting Dublin it was a definite that I would be going up to Belfast.

Road trip up there with a friend and after checking into the hotel realised that the venue was right across the road- St. Georges Market is exactly what it says- a market!  I glanced inside the morning after the gig and indeed the stalls were back in place.  Venue wise I was surprised that it worked but it did- the makeshift bar at the back moved quickly and there were portable loo’s at the sides providing you weren’t the shy type.  One thing I was surprised at though was the separation of men and women when entering- the men being patted down and the women having their bags searched-good to know its secure I suppose.

The stage itself was small enough with a massive ‘Zero single cover’ eye  at the back and lights dotted around the place- even standing back by the sound booth in the middle of the floor I was able to see everything with nothing blocking the way- there was even a balcony at the side that the friend was eyeing up so that she could see more- being tall does have its advantages sometimes.

YYY_Zero Single

Ok down to tunage- Fight Like Apes were up first and great as always- they did seem to be lacking some of their energy and punch though.  I mentioned to the friend how the keyboardist would usually be jumping around like a loon but he was rather calm during the set and only managed to flip the keyboard at the end.  May Kay was in fine voice though and it looked like they were really honored to be asked to support the YYY.

It has to be said that when I am with a friend and at a group I really like as I do the YYY the reviewer side of me is turned off and I am there just to have a good time.  So out the 17 tunes I can remember most of the ones that were played but not which order they were in.  There was a good mix of tunes from each of their albums but alas still no Miles Away which is still my favourite tune and would love to hear live.  Most of the tunes were played like the album with the notable exception of Maps which was an almost acoustic number- if you want a tune to show the quality of Karen O’s voice when she is not belting them out that is it.

Of course it wasn’t just about the sound and Karen O came out on stage with her head wrapped up in a black cloth and some bizarre colours.  Later on she also had what looked like Native American designed blanket that she must have fallen in love with while recording in Texas.   She is a great performer and really gave each and every tune her all- great to see after so many gigs in this tour!

From memory (which can be a little dodgy!) the tunes that were played by album:

Its Blitz:  Zero, Heads Will Roll, Soft Shock, Skeletons, Dull Life, Hysteric, Little Shadow

Show Your Bones:  Gold Lion, Honeybear, Cheated Hearts, Mysteries, Turn Into

Fever To Tell:  Pin, Maps, Y Control

If you wanted an idea of the actual setlist, I did a quick search and the one from Lollapalooza was close.

So all in all an excellent gig and looking forward to catching them again at some stage- another lucky friend is going to the ATP 10 year anniversary gigs where they will be playing…along with the likes of Battles, Explosions In The Sky and Mum.  Me? Jealous?? Come back to me when the green hue disappears.


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