Talula Does The Hula, Disconnect 4- Odessa Sept 09

September 13, 2009

Ah the night before Electric Picnic and Dublin is dead as a dodo- arrived mucho early at Odessa as well with the gig kicking off later than advertised so went to Pravda for a bit- unfortunately Lauren Guillery wasn’t on yet so will hopefully catch her new tunes soon.

First time in Odessa and have to say that it is certainly intimate- if you ever wondered what it would be like for a band to perform in your sitting room then just go here!  Lots of sofas about and as usual these days I was the only one there to begin with- thankfully more came but still only about 20 odd people or so which pre EP night isn’t too bad I think.

Talula Does The Hula came on and had 7 tunes of harmonious bliss.   The memorable ones were Orders and Bad Boyfriend which is the current single.   What was delightful to see was that the four girls were constantly changing instruments and lead vocals so a strong group to share the duties- although I did feel slightly sorry for the hard working drummer who was hidden behind them.  Great camaraderie on stage as well with some barbs about which of their lineup was found on Ebay.  Definitely a group to catch if you can!

You can hear some of their tracks over at Breaking Tunes and the setlist for those interested Paradigm, Secret Lovers, Order, Hells Bells, Bad Boyfriend, Those Girls, Brick For A Brain.

Disconnect 4 were up next with 9 numbers and musically they definitely have a catchy sound- great riffs and percussion and the lead on the keyboard.  The lead singer does have a good voice with lots of energy but just not catchy enough for me.  There were some really good tunes though and Modern Love and The Disco Never Changes are standouts.  You can also hear some of their tunes over at Breaking Tunes– that site is getting more and more bands so becoming a really useful tool.

Overall a good night and a pretty good venue- on a side note to the guy that was taking photographs of Disconnect 4, learn how to use the flash a bit better and get a hood for the thing since it was extremely distracting!



  1. Talula does the hula – what an excellent band name. Listening to Brick for a Brain at the moment, I love their energy, it’s sort of Blondie-ish innit? Such excellent dog walking music.

  2. Hey Kate- yep great name and great vibe! Think the name is from that court case in New Zealand but the vibe is all of their own making. They only have their single out at the moment but will let you know when they finish their album:-)
    Court case details here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2452593/Talula-Does-The-Hula-From-Hawaii-not-a-girls-name-New-Zealand-court-rules.html

  3. Oh good lord I can’t believe somebody actually named their poor kid ‘Sex Fruit’. Parents can be so cruel!!!

    • Ha-yes parents are cruel…but that is the fun bit;-) Thankfully Irish names for the boys but in the States they are pretty much un-pronounceable!

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