Indiecater Volume 4

September 14, 2009

I am really beginning to wonder if mp3hugger also exists in an alternate universe- how does he find the time for his own posts and all the great work he is doing with Indiecater?!  I will have to pry the secret from him soon since I seem so short on time these days.

I will always find the time for an Indiecater compilation though- up to volume 4 now and the good tunes keep on coming in!  Nineteen tracks on this one which is a good indication of the number of great groups out there at the moment- no matter how you find the music these days there are always a plethora of groups to keep your ears occupied.

As with my other compilation posts- just a few words on each track…with the exception of  Sofia Talvik who will get a few more!  One of my favourites over the past few months and I was only recently able to get her cd’s as she and her husband run the shop but were away touring in the US.  No better way to kick off than with My James Dean- a very catchy number off of her latest album Jonestown and you can have a listen or download below.

Sofia TalvikMy James Dean Excellent dreamy tones and great subtle instrumentation.  Download or listen:

SubplotsPolitis Great harmonies and beats.
Marching BandAggravate Damn- toe tapping,  body wiggling and downright infectious vibe.  Multilayered harmonies and beats and the only disappointment is that it has to end.
OfficeDominoes Familiar sounding and will have your head swaying.
LanguisTimes Are Changing Instrumental start with hazy lyrics and good vibe.
Mitchell MuseumWarning Bells Good vocals and percussion.
The Love LanguageLalita Jangly guitars with catchy voice- definite change of pace.
FM BelfastUnderwear Great dance vibe and hilarious lyrics!
The Second Hand Marching BandA Dance To Half Death Good instrumentation-sometimes dirge like.

PrincetonMs. Bentwich Chirp chirp start-simple but effective instrumentation with catchy voice and good vibe.
The UglysuitChicago Came across a while back but still great vibe with lead vocals.
RoofwalkersTear Down The Tents Light instrumentation- good sounds but wished it notched it up a gear.
WarpaintBille Holiday Wow- damn ear catching hazy female harmonies with subtle instrumentation.
Black NielsonLove Song To Chan Marshall Slow start but gets going over halfway through-good beats.

Sweet JaneBlackboots And Blackhearts Slower number- good voices but bit too downbeat. Download promo.

ZinedinesTwice Upon A Time Cheery harmonious start and good pace.
DelorentosSolitude The phoenix band-back now and nice vocals and instrumentation.
HoneyheadsOut Of Marseille Good harmonies- light start but heavier instrumentation later on.
Shout Out Out Out OutGuilt Trips Sink Ships Good god- you might get lost in the name just as you will in the excellent percussion- funk-ing hell yeah!  Definitely a bit of funk but also some dark synth and then the voice kicks in and its full steam ahead for a total of 8 mins of joyous fun.

As always with Indiecater’s compilations there are quite a few groups I am going to have to follow up on- Marching Band, Warpaint and Shout Out Out Out Out top of the list!

For a listen to all of the tracks head over to Indiecater and you can stream the whole album- if you like what you hear you can buy it for the very economical €7- so get clicking!

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