Dark Captain, Light Captain- Remix EP

September 22, 2009

I first came across Dark Captain, Light Captain on Eardrums compilation A Good Crop last year with the Chicken Feed remix of the tune Questions and a stormer it was.

The group have now released an EP of other tracks from their album remixed by quite a few different artists…including Chicken Feed but strangely enough not the Questions remix.

The Hatchback version of Questions is good with it’s dreamlike quality but I have to say that I still prefer the Chicken Feed version with its subtle yet driving electronic tones.  For comparison purposes I have put both below so have a listen and decide yourself!

Questions (Chicken Feed Remix)

Questions (Hatchback Remix)

The other remixes are pretty damn good as well and you can get them at LOAF where you can also stream them in full.

Dark Captain Light Captain Remix EP Track Listing
1. Questions (Hatchback Remix)
2. Remote View (Chicken Feed Remix)
3. Summer (Vernal Equinox Remix)
4. Miracle Kicker (Here be Monsters Remix)
5. Questions (Hatchback Remix – Dub)

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