Codes In The Clouds- Paper Canyon

November 4, 2009

One question that sometimes gets asked is how much post-rock is enough?  Almost always the same instruments with little variation between bands would lead some people to think that it’s a one trick genre.   The answer of course depends on how well its done and in the case of Codes In The Clouds it’s pretty damn good!

The UK band have released Paper Canyon on the excellent label Erased Tapes and there are 6 tracks that may not have the same force as an explosion in the sky but are great none the less and will have you checking out those clouds in the future.

The album kicks off with Fractures which has a slow but good start that eases you into the tune before hitting you with the riffs and is followed by Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape which is more upfront and a great track although I did find the drumming intrusive over the guitars for some of tune.

Distant Street Lights is a quiet affair but nicely syncopated for the duration and We Anchor In Hope slows it down a notch but has a nice pace and a good finish.

You Are Not What You Think You Are is the standout on the album for me- the drumming, guitars and ambient synth sounds are spot on with subtleness being the key.  The final track Distance Between Us has another quiet start but makes up for it with the inevitable blast and leaves you on a high.

All in all a great album- especially considering it’s their first and the fact that it was recorded over 5 days!

For your listening pleasure…
Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape

You can get the cd from Erased Tapes and while you’re there have a look at the bottom of the home page:
‘Visit ddc.erasedtapes.com and type in MY-FREE-ERATP010 to receive ‘ERASED TAPES Collection I‘ for FREE!’

Some good ones there so get clicking!


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