The Very Most- Winter: An Indiecater Release

December 7, 2009

Ah the end of the year approaching and what a year for The Very Most who have been delighting my ears from the beginning of 2009 with their EP release for each season- no better way to mark the time than with their lovely tones!

Their tunes are full of the emotions associated with each season and once again the three tunes on the Winter EP have summed it up well- the Christmas spirit in the air with their harmonies keeping the chill at bay with that warm feeling in your heart.

They kick it off with a cover of Away In A Manger which has some great upbeat harmonies and the interesting use of a Doucaine just after the halfway mark.  I wouldn’t have spotted the instrument without knowing it was in one of their tunes but it has an interesting sound.  (Slight aside being an oboe lover- I thought it would sound more like a shawm which has a shrill edge to it but it was more subdued and probably a bit closer to the clarinet- music geek bit over)

It’s The Best Thing is next with a slower start but the same great harmonies and in a word is cymbaltastic!  A great vibe altogether which is carried into When Does The Goodwill Start?- a snappingly good tune that will get you into the Christmas spirit…even for those heavy hearted grinches among us!

You can listen to Away In A Manger right now but you can get all 3 from Indiecater for the paltry sum of 2 Euro- so get clicking!

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