Boca Chica- Valentine

March 13, 2010

After melting my heart with a Christmas tune- Boca Chica is back with the  5 track ep Valentine that leaves the heart in a puddle again.  It was released in time for Valentines Day…but I was never one for one particular day devoted to amour- why have the same day as everybody else when you could have your very own special day devoted to affairs of the heart?  With 5 tunes of Hallie Pritts delightful vocals and superb instrumentation from the band there is no better way to occupy your ears on whichever day you choose!

Lake Erie kicks it off with a banjo start and strings that mesh well with the vocals and Pins And Needles has a low key start with building instruments and great syncopated work between banjo plucking and drums.   Valentine keeps it more subtle with guitars and drums and Like Sheep In The Knight have mostly French vocals for some ooh-la-la flair.   The Hourglass Waltz is definitely the standout track for me- perfect harmonies with subtle banjo, xylophone and drums- what really makes the tune so good though is the sampling and electro sounds used towards the end- lovely stuff!

The Hourglass Waltz

To get the full ep head over to Indiecater and for €2.50 you can have these tunes echoing in your ears for every special day you want to make your own Valentines!

For more Boca Chica goodness check back here in a month for a collaborative track from Eardrumspop!


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