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Niamh Regan

August 30, 2011

An artist that has been on my ears over the past few months has been Niamh Regan.  There isn’t much information on her except that she is a teenager in Galway but I think that it’s better that her song’s speak for her rather than a long and wordy bio.

There are only two tunes up on her Breaking Tunes page at the moment and such a delight on the ears they are!  Two Seeds and Said To Me are warm and heartfelt and delivered with a clear and robust voice that will leave you hooked pure and simple.

Looking forward to many more but for now the YouTube she posted of a new song will have to do…


Electric Picnic 2011 Maps and Set times

August 28, 2011

Another year, another Electric Picnic and although I won’t be able to go this year due to lack of funds, the lineup is a solid one if you haven’t seen any of the groups before.  The set times leaked a bit earlier this year and as usual there are bound to be conflicts for groups that you really want to catch.

Just for some useful information check out the Garda traffic plan along with the 10 day forecast and start touching wood and crossing fingers now that the sun will be out for the majority of the weekend!

The maps are over on the official site but for handiness sake I have put the pdf’s and jpegs below- click to enlarge and print.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Main Arena Set-times

PDF-  Set Times Main Arenas

Arena Site Plan

PDF-  Arena Site Plan

Arts Trail

PDF-  Arts Trail

Camping Site Plan

PDF-  Camping Site Plan

Family Camping

PDF-  Family Camping


So….it’s been a while

August 27, 2011

Has it really been a year since the last post?  That was a longer breather than I had anticipated!

It really hasn’t seemed like that long at all and although I may be a neglectful blogger I have been busy elsewhere.   I haven’t exactly been screaming about it but some of you may know that I have been working with EardrumsPop in my scarce free time and helping Knut and Stefan release some music that we enjoy and are proud to have on the netlabel.   First with the collaboration project Between Two Waves and then with our singles projects– all free digital downloads so jump on over and get some!

So a slap on the hand for not updating on what tunes are going through my ears but I will endeavor to update here with new artists that I come across…I may not be writing much about them but as always with me I think the best way is to let the artist speak for themselves through their music.   For those on Twitter hit me up there since I will still probably mention them there first!