Electric Picnic 2011 Maps and Set times

August 28, 2011

Another year, another Electric Picnic and although I won’t be able to go this year due to lack of funds, the lineup is a solid one if you haven’t seen any of the groups before.  The set times leaked a bit earlier this year and as usual there are bound to be conflicts for groups that you really want to catch.

Just for some useful information check out the Garda traffic plan along with the 10 day forecast and start touching wood and crossing fingers now that the sun will be out for the majority of the weekend!

The maps are over on the official site but for handiness sake I have put the pdf’s and jpegs below- click to enlarge and print.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Main Arena Set-times

PDF-  Set Times Main Arenas

Arena Site Plan

PDF-  Arena Site Plan

Arts Trail

PDF-  Arts Trail

Camping Site Plan

PDF-  Camping Site Plan

Family Camping

PDF-  Family Camping

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  1. […] [Edit- 2011 Maps and main arena's set times are here: https://tenacioustimothy.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/electric-picnic-2011-maps-and-set-times/] […]

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