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Electric Picnic Site Map 2013

August 23, 2014

Just for posterity and anybody wondering on the Electric Picnic site setup for 2013 before they head to 2014.  There was only a singular map for EP last year- presumably because of the late start in announcing the festival.  Not many changes last year but with increased capacity for 2014 I would imagine that the campsites and parking areas will be expanded with the main arena pretty much staying the same.  For those that are going this year- enjoy!




Slightly larger png



Electric Picnic Maps 2010

August 28, 2010

[Edit- 2011 Maps and main arena’s set times are here:]


I won’t be going along for the fun this year but as this place is getting hit for maps of the fields in Stradbally, I thought I would make life a bit easier for you since you can’t find the maps on the official site with one click.  So click below for jpg’s of the maps or go to Festival Site Maps for pdf’s.  Happy Picnicking!

Arenas – Electric Picnic 2010

Camping – Electric Picnic 2010

Arts – Electric Picnic 2010

Green – Electric Picnic 2010

Family – Electric Picnic 2010


Willful Endeavorment

February 24, 2010

I’m not sure if that title is grammatically correct but it pretty much sums up what I mean.  I have been very busy lately on some old endeavors but some new ones as well so finding the time to post here has been like trying to find the door to a different dimension.

Quite a bit of my spare time has been Between Two Waves over at Eardrums Pop with three excellent music people- hopefully in a few weeks time you will hear the fruits of those endeavors!

What the blog doesn’t show at the moment is how much new music I have been listening to and how many new albums I have had on repeat.   There are so many good new tunes out at the moment- both submissions and new finds that have been titillating the ears and I will post soon.

A quick thank you as well for those individuals who nominated me in the best music blog category for the 2010 Irish Blog Awards…while I haven’t had a lot of time for here it’s nice to know that the efforts are appreciated.

For your eyes and ears is the excellent tune and video from one of my favs Dark Room Notes-enjoy!



Tunng- New Album …And Then We Saw Land

January 26, 2010

Always good news when there is a new album coming from one of my favourites- Tunng’s …And Then We Saw Land will be released on March 1st from Full Time Hobby and you can hear Don’t Look Down Or Back below.   If you’re on the other side of the Atlantic then you can get it from Thrill Jockey from March 9th.

Great harmonious folk sound as always although missing some of their signature electro samples and fuzziness which will hopefully be evident in the other tracks. There will also be a mini UK tour…it won’t include Ireland so hopefully you caught their sets at Electric Picnic last year!

Don’t Look Down Or Back

Check here for download.

The blurb:

Since last we saw them, the band have been on adventures both personal (Mike went to India, Ashley moved to Somerset) and shared – such as their ten-day voyage of discovery with Malian desert bluesmen Tinariwen, a unique collaboration that aimed to fuse the sounds of the two bands together and an experience that helped shape Tunng‘s approach to the new album “We learned that you don’t always need structure! As long as there is presence, emotion and groove. It taught us that everything is open and adaptable…”

In the spirit of all that travel and experimentation, they’ve decided to call their new album ‘…And Then We Saw Land – and it’s full of adventurous spirit. The first Tunng album to take more than a year to write and produce, it’s packed with big choruses and joyful tunes.“We wanted to make a record that would be a great live set,” says Mike. “My friend described it as ‘Epic Folk Disco Brass Magnificent,’ and I’m not sure you could call any other Tunng record that.”Three songs contain what the band describe as The Mega Chorus – a 15-strong group of collaborators and drinking buddies who lent their voices to the album one rainy night in an abandoned school hall in Old Street.

In homage to voyages grand and not-so-grand, Tunng will be hitting the road for a four-date mini tour in March 2010, dates as follows. Says Mike: “I want audiences singing along and becoming… THE MEGA CHORUS!”

23rd March, Manchester, Band On The Wall –
25th March, London, Relentless Garage –
26th March, Bristol, Arnolfini –
28th March, Brighton, Concorde 2 –

Support on all dates comes from the ever so fantastic Erland & The Carnival.


Haiti Benefit- Bats, Hunter-Gatherer & Groom

January 26, 2010

Hope as many people as possible can make it to the Twisted Pepper on Thursday the 4th of February for this charity event organised by Sweet Oblivion– all proceeds go to Goal and will assist in their efforts in Haiti.

Rockers, DJs and Bakers get together to raise money for Haiti

A fundraising gig and bake sale will take place in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper venue next week to raise money for people affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Dublin bands BATS, Hunter-Gatherer and Groom will play at the venue on Middle Abbey St on Thursday 4th February on what promises to be a fantastic night of fundraising for GOAL.

Organised by journalist and 2XM presenter Aoife Barry (of the ‘Sweet Oblivion’ radio show and blog), the event will kick off at 7pm when bakers begin selling their delicious homemade cakes (including vegan and gluten-free options) – with all money going to GOAL.   The cake-selling will continue for the night but at 8pm the first of the three bands will take to the stage.

After the bands have finished their sets, the partying will continue upstairs in the Mezz room with DJ sets from Nialler9, Popical Island DJs and the Mary Jane Girls.

Tickets for the event can be bought on the door for €10 and there will be a raffle on the night.

Aoife said: “Like everyone in Ireland, I was shocked to hear about the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti, which is one of the world’s poorest countries. I wanted to do something to help GOAL do its work in Haiti and thought that a gig would be a great way to bring the music community together so we could all do our bit to help.  The cake sale element is a way of boosting funds on the night but also for showcasing the skills of local amateur bakers and I’ve been stunned with the reaction so far.  Everyone has been hugely positive and I would love if we raised a substantial amount of money for GOAL.  I’d like to thank everyone who has offered to volunteer or help in any way with the gig, and hope to see a great crowd there on the night.”

To find out more, visit or the official Facebook page at

Poster designed by Ruan Van Vliet.


The Riptide Movement- What About The Tip Jars??

November 6, 2009

I first caught The Riptide Movement as support for James Yuill back in June and I have finally followed them up with their album What About The Tip Jars??

They have a great rock sound which varies between blues and psychedelic and comparison to the Doors is inevitable.  The concentration on the percussion is what makes them standout though- not only with the excellent drumming but with the syncopated type of guitar work.  With a few exceptions all the tunes have an abundant energy…and the ones that don’t I think are all the better for it in showing the subtleties of their sound.

The album kicks off with Reno and a nice driving pace which continues in Downtown Hotel and is followed by The Unknown which is  slightly more instrumental but has a great vibe.   Cry Cry Baby has more of a psychedelic element with the keyboards and a great jam at the end while  Face Dancer really highlights the drumming skills.

Good Times Roll feels like there was some fuel injection added and from the first note this is a fast paced number which contrasts with the follow-up Bringing Down The House which is quieter for most of the tune but has a good build up at the end.

Pale Green Eyes is a change completely from the previous tunes and in a way is the standout track on the album for me- excellent subtle instrumentation with understated vocals.

What About The Tip Jars brings back the rollicking vibe- very catchy indeed and is followed by the more instrumental In The Eye Of The Storm.   Cold Wind Blows cranks up the psych element again but it’s with Alive Inside that the head will really nod with the stomping bass drum and great guitar riff.

The album ends on a quieter note with Ten Days In The Desert- again some great subtle instrumentation but this time with harmonies and supplemented with sampling.

All in all its a great listen and some very solid tunes- as I had said previously there is nothing new about their sound but their take on bluesy rock is exceptionally good and well worth catching them live.

They will be in Crawdaddy tonight for their single release of Alive Inside and will be supported by Morgan La Faye & Yukina.   Doors at 8 and tickets are €10.

Alive Inside


Timber Timbre

October 28, 2009

Timber Timbre sounds like spirits at work but in reality its Taylor Kirk with his sublime voice and simple instrumentation from the band that give their sound such a mysterious element.

You can get their third self-titled album for free until this Saturday at their official site and the eight tunes are of a dark, subtle, understated beauty that is simply entrancing.

The first track, Demon Host is one of my favourites and has a pretty cool video to boot.  The other tracks have varying  instrumentation throughout but subtlety is definitely the key and be it drums, guitar, organ or auto harp the understated beauty shines through.

Demon Host

Demon Host Video

Thanks to @longmanoz for the headsup and for a great review of Timber Timbre’s tunes check out Obscure Sound’s post back in January- far ahead of the curve as always!


The Swell Season- Strict Joy

October 28, 2009

The Swell Season have just released their second album Strict Joy which was recorded last year in Connecticut.  I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Marketa Irglova’s voice…and while I was never enamored with Glen’s their voices together have that magical quality that captivates you from the moment it hits your ears.

While the new tracks seem to be missing the raw emotional passion of their first album there are still some catchy numbers with In These Arms being the one that still has that magical quality.

The Swell Season- In These Arms

You can stream the tracks from Strict Joy over at NPR and you can also catch their Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR offices or if you’re pressed for time check out their trailer video:

You can get both the standard version of the cd along with the double cd with live versions at Road Records 0r follow the links on their official site where you can also check out their tour dates.  They will be on tour starting in January of 2010 and hitting most of the US and Europe although no Dublin date yet…rest assured they will always return here!


BEKO Digital Singles

October 16, 2009

Not much time for the blog recently between gigs, migraines and work at Eardrums Pop in equal measure so just a quick one for that Friday feeling!

BEKO is a digital single label that is putting up a new free single every Monday- and there are some great ones from the last three weeks.   Two tracks on every single and just click on the lp pic to download.

For the impatient sort you can stream one from each while you wait…

Death And Vanilla-  Godspeed

Jamie Long- Pool House

Woven Tales-  Grazing Storms

No information on the site on how it operates except that they are using the Creative Commons Licence and if you want to get in touch with them click on the heart with the flashing lightning bolt!

(via @eardrums)


Freelance Whales

October 1, 2009

Freelance Whales have been on my ears for the last few weeks but with all the gigs recently only getting around to them now.  No matter since I think we will be hearing quite a bit more from them!

Similar to quite a few groups that I like in that they seem to use any old instrument lying around and that is where the magic lies in creating an unusual sound.  Generator 2nd Floor is a harmonious, driving, syncopated tune that will not just have the toe tapping and the head nodding but it may even get you dancing with a bit of glee!  Ghosting is a bit quieter but has the same excellent harmonies and instrumentation.

There is not a huge amount of information out there on them but no surprise that I came across them on the excellent RCRD LBL…which means that I won’t be rehosting the tunes so click here now to get them!  Check out their MySpace on where to get their lp Weathervanes.

For the one-clickers here is a live and more acoustic performance…

Generator 2nd Floor