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Electric Picnic Site Map 2013

August 23, 2014

Just for posterity and anybody wondering on the Electric Picnic site setup for 2013 before they head to 2014.  There was only a singular map for EP last year- presumably because of the late start in announcing the festival.  Not many changes last year but with increased capacity for 2014 I would imagine that the campsites and parking areas will be expanded with the main arena pretty much staying the same.  For those that are going this year- enjoy!




Slightly larger png



Electric Picnic 2012 Maps

May 16, 2013

[Edit] 2013 site map is here.

Since the essentially defunct blog is still getting hits for maps for the previous Picnics I am putting up the 2012 maps for posterity sake.  Hope people can make the 2013 event now that it is going ahead!  Click on the picture for a jpg or the link above for a pdf.

Arena Site Plan

Pdf  EPArena2012

Camping Site Plan

Pdf  CampingSite2012

Arts Trail

Pdf  ArtsTrail2012


Laura K- an EardrumsPop Single

November 21, 2011

Another post nicked from the release from the EardrumsPop netable I work with….the full details are below but click here to get the three tracks along with the artwork!

If you want to be notified of all of our releases follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Soundcloud.

ePop018 – Laura K

COVER ART made by Sarah Lippett.
Visit Sarah’s website
We have done an interview with Sarah, where you can read more about her and her art. You can find the illustrator interview here.THE BOOKLET is designed by Julia Pax and put together in InDesign by Andrej Dolinka.
View the booklet.

1. Saboteur
2. This Happens Every Time
3. Beach Comber (Real Estate cover)

Tracks 1 and 2 are written by Laura K. Track 3 is a cover of Real Estate’s song “Beach Comber”. More about this song further down on this page.
PROBLEMS DOWNLOADING? If you have problems downloading the single-zip, try downloading through this link instead.


Creative Commons License
This single is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Feel free to share it with your friends, play it on your podcast, use it on your mixtape etc, as long as it’s used non-commercially and as long as you do not edit the songs in any way. Please link back to this page if you use it online. Please DO NOT upload the full zip to your own server without our permission. Use a link to our zip instead.



23 year old Laura K wrote her first song when she was 8, and learned to play piano 3 years earlier. Today, she writes lots of poppy songs and plays several instruments: keyboard, ukulele, glockenspiel and melodica, whilst also singing with her lovely voice. Her songs tell tales of love, life and heart break, yet she somehow manages to do it in an uplifting and amusing way. She used to live in Brisbane, where she played in bands like Roman History and Little Scout, but is now based in London. In addition to making sweet songs on her own, she also plays keyboards and sings backing vocals in Tigercats. She says that the coolest thing that’s ever happened to her was meeting Jarvis Cocker backstage at Leeds Festival, where he put her on the guest list for one of Pulp’s sold out shows at Brixton Academy. So, now you know Laura K. Maybe you should listen to her music?


The innovative website A NEGATIVE NARRATIVE make interviews with bands, but instead of answering with words, the artists have to take a photograph for each question. You can view Laura K’s photographic answers on A.N.N.’s website, or in the booklet for this single. Hope you enjoy them!

We are collaborating with A Negative Narrative on this single-series, and they have made photo-interviews with all our single-artists. Visit and see more bands’ photographic answers to their interview questions.


We have encouraged the single-bands to make a cover version of a song they think deserve more attention.

Laura K has chosen to cover “Beach Comber”, originally written and performed by Real Estate. The song can be found on Real Estate’s self-titled debut album (listen on Spotify)


Real Estate is a psychedelic surf pop band hailing from Ridgewood, New Jersey now rooted in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The band was formed in Ridgewood, New Jersey by singer/guitarist Martin Courtney, guitarist Matthew Mondanile (Ducktails), bassist Alex Bleeker (of Alex Bleeker and the Freaks), and drummer Etienne Pierre Duguay (of [{Predator Vision]]) in 2008. In 2011 Jackson Pollis joined on drums.

After issuing singles on the Underwater Peoples and Woodsist labels, the band’s 2009 self-titled debut received an 8.5 rating and Best New Music tag from the Pitchfork Media website. Tours followed supporting acts such as Girls, Kurt Vile, Woods, and Deerhunter. In 2011, Real Estate signed with theDomino Recording Co. and plan to issue their sophomore record, Days, on October 18th, 2011.

Here is Real Estate’s original version of the song:


So….it’s been a while

August 27, 2011

Has it really been a year since the last post?  That was a longer breather than I had anticipated!

It really hasn’t seemed like that long at all and although I may be a neglectful blogger I have been busy elsewhere.   I haven’t exactly been screaming about it but some of you may know that I have been working with EardrumsPop in my scarce free time and helping Knut and Stefan release some music that we enjoy and are proud to have on the netlabel.   First with the collaboration project Between Two Waves and then with our singles projects– all free digital downloads so jump on over and get some!

So a slap on the hand for not updating on what tunes are going through my ears but I will endeavor to update here with new artists that I come across…I may not be writing much about them but as always with me I think the best way is to let the artist speak for themselves through their music.   For those on Twitter hit me up there since I will still probably mention them there first!


An Indiecater Christmas 2009

December 28, 2009

Ahh another Christmas over and I can finally find some time to catch up on all of the new Christmas tunes!  The ever reliable Indiecater has put together another set of stunning tunes and quite a few absolutely breathtaking….so if you have just finished your leftover turkey sandwiches do take care!

Some tunes from groups that have appeared on previous compilations and in particular Adam and Darcie‘s It Came Upon A Midnight Clear is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  Some new groups as well and I will be following Oldfolks Home and their electronica tunes for some time to come!  You can stream each of those tunes below as well as get the download for Standard Fare’s Tinsel Politics.

As I have done in previous compilation posts- just a few thoughts on each…

The GarlandsChristmas Song Bells galore and great female vocals.
Candy ClawsSnowdrift Wish Unmistakable sublime electro and great harmonies.
LoxslyMrs. Kris Kringle Hilarious lyrics- slow start but the horn section at the end is excellent.
Adam and DarcieIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear Subtle instrumentation which supplements the gorgeous vocals- both solo and harmonies simply outstanding.
Allo Darlin’Baby, It’s Cold Outside Great female vocals and lyrics with good array of instruments incl ukulele and rattle.
Woodpigeon Little Nemo Great male harmonies.
Boca ChicaSnow Angels Female vocals with subtle drumming and some nice harmonies further in.
Oldfolks HomeWe Don’t Cry At Christmas Feck me- a great tune with subtle electro, sampling and excellent vibe.
Betty & The Cavaleros Hey! I’m Your Gift Today Bossa-nova funk with a superb female vocal.
Standard Fare – Tinsel Politics Boppy start with drums and good rock vibe.
Sunset New York Love Great array of instruments and some good harmonies.
I Hate You Just Kidding It’s Fun To Do Bad Things Subtle male vocals and harmonies.
Sweet JaneSilent Night Great reverb and pounding bass drum with deep pitched female vocals-oh yeah!  Electro choir at end in a shoegaze haze makes it a great ending!

As the 12 days of Christmas aren’t over just yet- head over to Indicater and get the tunes for €6- the best money spent next to the acid indigestion tablets after all of the feasting!


Three Nights Of Sonic Bliss

October 28, 2009

One for the better late than never category…just a quick summary of groups over three nights a couple of weeks back.

First night: The Lower Deck
Slurps– A band right off the blocks and unfortunately it shows- the drummer tended to follow others timekeeping and lead vocals need some work.  They do have some good tunes but they really need a lot of practice playing together before they sound cohesive enough.

Bats– Bloody excellent again!  There really is such a great buzz from this group and so much better when you’re up close and can feel every note.  Even if all the band members not feeling great they worked through it and am sure these guys will be hitting bigger venues soon.

Upsilon Acrux– I would like to be able to comment on them but since The Lower Deck operates on a time zone outside of GMT they were only coming on after 11 and I had to leg it for the bus.  The 2 min soundcheck I heard sounded good and I heard good reports back!

Second night:  Twisted Pepper
Belljar– Some very good tunes with a shoegaze post-rock vibe and ones to catch if you can.

Butterfly Explosion– great tunes as always!  Some really strong post-rock numbers and an excellent vibe.  If I had to nitpick anything sometimes the lead vocals are a bit weak depending on the tune but on others damn fine.  Change of lineup over the last few years but they are all on form and I’m expecting some very good things indeed with their new album which will be coming out next year.

Third Night:  Whelans
C!ties– Wow! Very young guys but some damn fine post-rock tunes!  Everything hits the nail on the head- guitars and drums superb and a great performance.  Can’t wait to catch these guys again but to help with the wait, they have their ep as a free download on their MySpace site so make sure you snag it!

Enemies– First time catching yet another good group from Richter Collective.  Pretty damn fine post-rock tunes and great syncopation work drums and even guitars.  Another one to catch again!

ASIWYFA– Woo hoo- these guys do not know the meaning of subtle!  Slamming instrumentation for an in your face sound from the word go!  Post-rock at its finest and even though these guys tour like there is no tomorrow the energy they have on stage is astounding.  Especially love the tunes from their yet-to-be-released ep- S Is For Salamander and D Is For Django The Bastard are ones to listen out for!  Only downside of set, besides the fact it had to end, was a new tune Coming Through The Sun Without A Scratch which sounded a bit light for them.

Overall was a great three nights- of all the tunes that are currently available, I will stick up one of C!ties tunes for your listening pleasure!

C!ties- 15728


Dirty Projectors And tUnE yArDs- Whelans Sept 09

September 23, 2009

I hadn’t initially intended on going to this gig since I wasn’t convinced of Dirty Projectors last album Bitte Orce and thought it was a bit too subtle for my liking.  Once I heard that tUnE yArDs was going to support I quickly changed my mind since I really wanted to catch her after hearing a couple of her tunes.

Before I get to the music, the important question of course is about the spelling of the name- tUnE-yArDs is on the cd, tUnE yArDs is the way that you will sometimes see it, and if you look at the majority of the web it’s tUnE YaRdS!  All that for just a name but even is confused since her cd won’t scrobble the tracks.   Name aside, it looks like it could be the moniker for Merrill Garbus or a band name since there is another member now on the guitar.

When Merril first came out on stage, she looked very unassuming and almost like any office worker with the exception of two white lines painted on her cheeks.  Once she started singing those unassuming qualities were straight out the window and her eclectic performance came forward at full force.   She started off with setting up her loops on the drum and vocals but after a short while she really hit her stride with screaming vocals and outright yelling at points.  Some in the crowd did snigger a bit with her intensity but I had a feeling it was more of a nervous laugh to dispel the thought that she was going to leap out at them!  She had some excellent tracks though- full of tribal beats and vocals and the looping really does make them.  One thing I love about live performances with loopers is them setting everything up- one thing that is always missing on the cd tracks.  She didn’t play the track Sunlight as I had hoped she would but I am sure she/they will be around again soon enough.

Dirty Projectors were up next and with not knowing too many of their tunes or indeed how the band setup, I recognised the tune Two Doves by the rather lovely voiced Angel.  Just the two of them for the opener and then the rest of the band came out for the remainder of the set.

Quite a few good tunes followed but I have to say that the ones with the focal point on the  lead singer Dave Longstreth were the weaker of them and its only when the spotlight was on the girls or their harmonies that the tunes shone.    Not sure of the name of the track but the 3rd tune of the night had Amber and Haley doing some sort of syncopated singing that was just fantastic and definitely ear-grabbing. (From a comment over at OTRIan stated it was arpeggios that were being sung for this tune).

A couple of rather long tunes followed but I thought they did meander quite a bit with his vocals and the soft backing sounds from the girls.  I was quite surprised that in some of them there were jams which seemed pointless and rather than notching up the energy it only served as a reason to play simple chords louder.  After these tunes they played Stillness Is The Move and Temecula Sunrise which I did enjoy but at this stage disinterest had set in so it was difficult to keep the focus on them.   The crowd did seem to appreciate them though even it there weren’t that many people moving to the the tunes.

Another two long tunes before they finished and when they came back on for the two song encore, thankfully they played the catchy song Knotty Pine from the Dark Was The Knight compilation.  Amber really has an excellent voice so I would hope that in future albums we hear a bit more of it.

So an unbalanced night with a great set from tUnE yArDs and a so so set from the Dirty Projectors- unfortunately I have to stand by my original opinion of them and if they had been playing at Electric Picnic I certainly would have moved on.


Deerhunter- Whelans Aug 09

September 10, 2009

Didn’t get a chance to listen to either the support Angkorwat or Deerhunter in full before heading to the gig but went based on the buzz alone.  I have been meaning to check out Deerhunter for a while now but it was just one of those groups that has gone by the wayside since I have been so busy recently.

So not too surprised that Whelans was quite busy for the support but I was surprised by the diminutive female that is Angkorwat behind the keyboards.  Some delightful hazy and shimmering tunes and her voice hits the spot- lots of looping as well but for comparison Juana Molina would have a better vibe.  Interesting visuals of what looked like a practice session for a burlesque performance but shown high up on the wall so it didn’t particularly add much to the performance.

Deerhunter then came on and the exhausted looking Bradford Cox gave a quick hello before hammering into the tunes.  I have no idea of the setlist but the first one was a catchy number as was the second which the crowd certainly knew and had them dancing about.  The third tune was a bit of a mis-step though and seemed to kill the vibe which thankfully returned on the 4th and 5th tune.  After that it was hard to keep track of tunes since they were multifaceted and with the emphasis on instrumentation they seemed to mold into each other- a great vibe though and they kept the crowds attention.

During the gig there wasn’t much interaction between Bradford and the crowd with the exception of him saying how mellow we were and then had a little aside talking about Mello Yellow, tripping over clouds and waterfalls of pink foam.  When he came back on for the encore he certainly made up for any lack of  interaction by asking about our bedrooms and wanting us to shout out loud what they were like while he was tuning different instruments…the shouts did last for a while and he seemed genuinely pissed off when they stopped and he wasn’t ready.

After one encore his good humour came back though and he was engaging the crowd with some humour and trying to get the drummer to have the ta-dish on time.   He mentioned he has been in Whelans more than his own bedroom this year and after some guy shouting U A he said in a mock english accent that it must be sports related and his disdain for football.  So UA became United Artists and then Ugly Asshole where he had a go at himself by saying there were enough of those in his house with all the mirrors…was waiting for the ta-dish but it was mis-timed as usual.  To wrap things up he had a little ditty for Chris the sound guy whose birthday it was he went into another tune which was a cracker indeed.

S0 a great night of tunes and I really must give them more of a listen and will hopefully know them by the time they hit town again…probably not too long from now since Bradford has a fondness for Johnnie (aka Eddie) Rockets.


Sickboy- Whelans July 09

August 31, 2009

Hadn’t really heard of any of the groups before heading up to Whelans but a friend had tipped one of the supports so wanted to catch them.  Decent sized crowd and always a good sign to see band members from other bands in the audience.  Surprisingly for me though also a group of lads from work there- not sure that is a good sign or not!

Arrived after The House of Dolls had already started so had missed a few of their tunes- what I did hear was quite good.  When they use the synth they have an excellent sound and vibe- the tunes without the synth and just the guitars aren’t quite so catchy but still a good group to keep an ear out for.

Funeral Suits were up next with a good sound- clear and direct although sometimes muddied with too much heavy guitar work.  The pared down numbers really showed the quality of their tunes though and Now We’re Moving, Now We’re Free and Modern Urban Pleasures were excellent.  The only downside with their set is that they ended most of their tunes rather abruptly- hopefully they will work on the endings to keep the vibe going!

Sickboy were finally up and they certainly have a more polished sound which was a bit of a weakness actually.  Plenty of shoegaze guitars at work and strong vocals even if not always on key.  Recognized the A Tune but the problem with their polish is that they don’t stand out from so many others with the same sound.  Not sure what the last tune was but it was a cracker- long and more instrumental and had a great vibe.  Unfortunately they didn’t say it was their last tune until it was over and they didn’t come out for more no matter how much the audience clamored for it.

A good night but more for the supports than the main and will be keeping an ear out for Funeral Suits.


Alela Diane- Crawdaddy July 09

August 5, 2009

There are some gigs where word of mouth seems to pack the place in and this was one- was a little early and couldn’t believe how many people were there before the support was even on!

First up was Peter Delaney on the ukulele(s).  Excellent playing with a lovely soft almost haunting falsetto slightly reminiscent of Sam Beam- Dent May take note!  I should also note that ever since Tiny f’n Tim I have despised the ukulele but Peters playing was impeccable and I have a new found respect for the instrument…ok maybe not enough for the Ukulele Hooley Festival but will have to check him out again.

After some tooing and froing- two women finally came on stage and I was quite surprised to see a shorn Alela Diane introduce Alina Hardin who I had actually mistaken for Alela at first with her long flowing hair.

The majority of the set was from To Be Still but they started with a new tune which was unfortunately a false start with some loud rumbling sounds from the guitar.  Once that was sorted they continued with the tune and moved onto Tired Feet from the first album which sounded good with the simplicity of the guitar and their harmonies.  They were then joined by Alela’s father on guitar (and mandolin), an Appalachian hatted drummer, and a bassist with a 70’s fashion statement- it would have been great if Matt Bauer was touring with her as he did quite a bit of the backing work on her album before going off and doing his own (mentioned here).

The three added quite the punch to the next tunes Dry Grass And Shadows and White As Diamonds which were quite catchy.    They moved onto The Alder Trees and another tune, but for the first time that night the crowd lost a bit of interest and there was some chatter.   Every Path was up next and while a good slow number she only regained the crowd with My Brambles and The Ocean with some excellent subtle drumming and beats.

The title track To Be Still followed with a more country feel and then back to just Alela and Alina for Matty Groves which was a  tune that her folks sang to her when she was young.  For the encore they were all back out and again some sound issues with the guitar before they went into Oh! My Mama, Lady Divine and a great end with The Pirate’s Gospel.

Throughout the set she was quite chatty between numbers as well as the bassist who was quite humorous.  Alela mention that there was only 20 odd people at her last gig here and I think she was pleasantly surprised by the packed house.  A very diverse crowd it was with young and old- even the Silver Fox who was at Ane Brun was there to give details of zero deaths for the train crash when it was the Harcourt station.  She said that at least there wouldn’t be any ghosts haunting the place but with her excellent voice haunting the place already, I think that was enough for the night.

Overall an excellent gig which was complimented by the fact that the crowd were fairly respectful and quiet during both the support and main acts- something which I have noticed recently at quite a few gigs.  If it is down to the recession and people only going to the acts that they really want to see then long may the recession continue.  That being said there were reports that there was a lot of chatter in the back which I didn’t hear.

I did manage to grab a setlist at the end but unfortunately it slipped out of the pocket on the run into town in the lashing rain- while I am not always insistent about getting the setlist correct it is a niggle when I had it in front of me and didnt even take a look!

1   New one
2   Tired Feet
3    ?
4   Dry Grass And Shadows
5   White As Diamonds
6   The Alder Trees
7    ?
8    Every Path
9    My Brambles
10 The Ocean
11  To Be Still
12  Matty Groves
13  Oh! My Mama
14  Lady Divine
15  The Pirate’s Gospel

Thanks to LongmanOz for filling in a couple of blanks!

Also came across which is a wiki site for setlists-was very close to the one in Frankfurt.