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Friend Requests- Check Your Demographic!

March 16, 2009

Seriously- sometimes I wonder about the friend requests in MySpace.  Some great artists find you that way but sometimes they should check the demographic of the people they are mailing.  They must know that I like music from Norway but really DMRevolution?  A girl group that ranges in age from 13-15 and the following statement:

The driving force of our group is the joy of dancing and singing, and that..s what we want to show the world. We try our best to be positive role models, and we want to encourage kids our age to live their dreams, and to say NO to drugs and alcohol. We really want to inspire kids through our dance and music. And if we can make a difference in someone..s life, the hard work is all worth it, and then that..s what we need to be doing.

Best of luck to them but they won’t be on my friends list for some reason…if I had who would I put them next to on my top friends? Rammstein?

Just to make it better, I was thinking of titling this post ‘Seriously?’ and I found it quite humorous that a short while after changing it there was a friend request from Ken Serious who sings reggae…new title certainly more apt!


Just Some Dark Room Notes Fans…

November 18, 2008

Thanks to Camera, the drummer from Dark Room Notes, two big fans got their tees and are fighting over the drums!  Now if I could actually get them to use their sticks for practicing…




October 26, 2008

Only just met Anthony McG and am nicking stuff off him already…not that I am one to get political in this space but a very well done add for change in the upcoming US election.

The original Bud add for those who don’t remember…

Budweiser Wassup

Wassup 2008


Addicting Games

August 17, 2008

Damn well does what it says- Addicting Games
Never, ever listen to your children when they tell you about a cool game!
Firing ragdolls from a cannon? Ohhh yeah!!


Now this is just insidious…you get to the end of one game and what does it offer you?

Click and play with 5 extra levels…you just know that I did!


Irish Weather Humour

August 13, 2008

I was supposed to take the boys camping over the next few days but the usual dire weather has changed the plans slightly…I just have to laugh at how somebody in Met Éireann has written the 3 Day Outlook!
3 Day Outlook

The weather continues to remain very unsettled with no hope at all of any improvement for the rest of the the week or over the weekend. Most of the showers will die away tomorrow night and it will be fairly clear through the night-time. Friday will be one of the less wet days this week. There will be much fewer showers during Friday and during the first half of the day it may be nice and bright and sunny at times. Later on Friday cloud will increase and outbreaks of rain will begin to develop by evening. And then the rain will start to get very heavy once more. During Saturday another Atlantic depression will come close to Ireland. That will give more torrential rain, cloudbursts and downpours and lead on to more flooding. Even on Sunday the showers will be heavy and merge to longer spells of rain.

No wonder there are regular articles about suicide in this country!


Feist With Some Fuzzy Friends

July 15, 2008

Came across this in Pitchfork and sent the link onto the boys to watch- Feist’s 1,2,3,4 done on Sesame Street for an episode to air in August. So having Feist running through the head for the last two days I of course went digging to show the boys the actual videos for her songs and came across an official blog site (updated by somebody other than Feist) and a very good piece on litigation in relation to the song. Funny read and just to bring out the child in you here is the clip from Sesame Street…although be warned you will be humming this for a while after!


Guilty Pleasures…

May 10, 2008

Went to meet a mate in Club Nassau last night- yes Club Nausea is back!  Lots of cheesy 80’s pop songs….absolutely loved it!

So the voice is in tatters since I knew the words to almost every song they played and the legs are like rubber with all the moving (dancing would an relative term for my moves!)

Great start to the gig week…now where did I put that Solpadeine?