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Tinnitus Sticky

May 19, 2009

The actual post on my tinnitus was too long to remain a sticky so you can check out the full post here.

The important note is that if you are going to regularly go to gigs/clubs make sure you wear earplugs!


It Goes Something Like This…

May 19, 2009

After a long break I am back…but only after a fashion.

While the tinnitus is slightly more bearable and some days are better than others I still don’t have the time or energy as I use to so the posting will not be as prolific as it was before.  One thing that having the tinnitus has taught me is that I really have to look after my health and that my two boys are even more of a priority.  So I won’t be rushing to gigs as I use to…and just for a note of irony for me, some sufferers refer to tinnitus as the big T!

It wasn’t just the big T that was keeping me away- I was on holidays in the States with the boys and then had to mind them a bit more since I came back.  Just to add a bit of fun as well the laptop decided to throw a wobbly so I will have to get it replaced soon.  So not much time to listen to music- says a lot that in order to get new tunes you have to have a broadband connection flowing at all times!

For those that tweet- I have been Twitterfied!   I finally took the plunge after talking with some excellent blog people/twitterheads at Sound Check.   It is a useful service and every so slightly addictive but thankfully I only tweet from the web so I don’t feel the compulsion to check it on a mobile every 5 seconds…until I give in and get the iPhone that is.

Am going back to the cinema now as well but as I haven’t posted my thoughts on a film in a long time I won’t be starting again.  I will probably still throw up some lazy posts on films but for some great in-depth reviews head over to No Ordinary Fool where Longman Oz has similar tastes in cinema.

Just a few notes on the last couple of months:

Animal Collective gig- it had its moments but was really only just ok.  Felt disengaged for most of it and the most memorable part of the night was somebody asking me if I had any ‘pharmaceutical substances’.  He must have been desperate since he waited for me to take the foam plugs out and say three times…and to think that people use to think I was a Garda because of my height!

Priscilla Ahn gig- ohh excellent and just as superb as I had hoped it would be.  Really simple, clear and bloody brilliant voice and a great banter with the audience.

Holy Roman Army, Tenaka, and Storkboy Choons/Colours Move gig- excellent sets from everybody and especially love Tenaka’s- much darker feel than his cd and for his first gig he did a great job.

Polly Scattergood still going through my head- missed her show here as I was only just back but hopefully looking forward to her at a festival this year.  She is also on twitter and a twitter like audio app on iPhones called AudioBoo– as is Tara Busch who is putting up demos of new songs there-check it out!

Was in the States for all the Electric Picnic 2009 lineup fun- not spectacular but some good groups that I would like to catch.  Will do a proper post on that later.

Road Records getting stock back in thankfully and went to see Groom there- still have to listen to the cd but they are promising.

Otherwise, I am still trying to catch up on tunes from when I was in the States and will try to get some posts out over the week.


Tinnitus- My Hell

March 16, 2009

I have been quiet about this over the last few weeks- partly because of the embarrassment and partly because of exhaustion.

It is time I said it though and the fact that I have truly fucked up my ears between having an ear infection/virus and going to one gig too many without having proper protection for my ears.

I now have tinnitus and it has had such a devastating effect on my life over the last month that it really is no longer a life I lead but an existence.

My life is filled with a high pitch ringing that is insistent and unending.
The pain and pressure on the ears from the virus magnifies everything.
I am unable to sleep.
I have no appetite and have to force myself to eat.
I cannot concentrate.

I have put money before my health over the last few months and if I had ordered the musician plugs I had promised myself for Christmas and had gone to the doctor straight away when I wasn’t feeling well then I would not be in this state.  As always, I looked after everybody else first and only myself when forced to.  Well I am certainly forced to now and  I have been to the specialist and will be getting tests to determine a few things but ultimately, from what I have read, there is not much that can be done.

To say that this is life changing would be to minimalise the extent that it has changed my life over the last month- this is devastating and has changed my whole existence.   My life now centers around forcing myself to work and running home to bed to try to get some peace with music on.  I still have to mind the boys and this has also had an effect on them since their dad is no longer a playful man but somebody who is a shadow of himself.  I have been unable to meet with friends, go to the cinema or even go out at all since the exhaustion and sound is so encompassing.

I am unable to sleep even with soft sounds or white noise playing in the background with the tinnitus cutting above those sounds and still noticeable- even with sleeping tablets I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.

I cannot underestimate how important it is to wear ear plugs when going to a gig or nightclub- you might think that it is not that loud and make the same mistake as me.  You can find the foam ones at chemists and for the few minutes it will take you on the way to the venue it is worth every minute for your sanity.

You really need to watch this and make the effort to protect your ears– nobody else is going to so make sure you do!

Tinnitus- Can You Hear That?

I will not say I will be stopping this blog as the only thing keeping me sane is listening to music, but it will definitely be slowing down since my concentration is non existent most nights.  This post is going to be a sticky on the front for everybody to see as a permanent reminder.