So….it’s been a while

August 27, 2011

Has it really been a year since the last post?  That was a longer breather than I had anticipated!

It really hasn’t seemed like that long at all and although I may be a neglectful blogger I have been busy elsewhere.   I haven’t exactly been screaming about it but some of you may know that I have been working with EardrumsPop in my scarce free time and helping Knut and Stefan release some music that we enjoy and are proud to have on the netlabel.   First with the collaboration project Between Two Waves and then with our singles projects– all free digital downloads so jump on over and get some!

So a slap on the hand for not updating on what tunes are going through my ears but I will endeavor to update here with new artists that I come across…I may not be writing much about them but as always with me I think the best way is to let the artist speak for themselves through their music.   For those on Twitter hit me up there since I will still probably mention them there first!


Electric Picnic Maps 2010

August 28, 2010

[Edit- 2011 Maps and main arena’s set times are here: https://tenacioustimothy.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/electric-picnic-2011-maps-and-set-times/]


I won’t be going along for the fun this year but as this place is getting hit for maps of the fields in Stradbally, I thought I would make life a bit easier for you since you can’t find the maps on the official site with one click.  So click below for jpg’s of the maps or go to Festival Site Maps for pdf’s.  Happy Picnicking!

Arenas – Electric Picnic 2010

Camping – Electric Picnic 2010

Arts – Electric Picnic 2010

Green – Electric Picnic 2010

Family – Electric Picnic 2010


Magic Man

June 22, 2010

Yes a while since I posted here and it’s not from lack of inspiration but real world matters which have been hindering my thinking and time.

Lots to catch up with and no better way to start than with Magic Man.  There certainly is something magical about their tunes and it’s more than just smoke and mirrors going on in them- each tune full of the duo’s catchy vocals and more layered electronica tinged instrumentation than you can shake a wand at.

So many standouts that it’s just easier to listen to the whole album which you can do on the widget below or head to their Bandcamp to get the free download of the full album Real Life Color.  No trickery here so just listen and in their own words- if you like the songs, please share them with anyone you think will enjoy them as well.


Health- We Are Water Video

May 12, 2010

Bit late to the fray with this video but haven’t been around these parts recently…lots of reasons but with finishing up on the EardrumsPop project, the tinnitus hindering my thinking and a rather pressing issue of a hernia has meant I haven’t had much energy for here.

NSFW?? Oh you bet…but an excellent tune and the video fits it perfectly…if rather bloodily!

Health– We Are Water


Seeping Into Cinemas- Dour Hour

March 14, 2010

A wonderful tune for a Sunday morning from Seeping Into Cinemas– low key vocals with subtle guitar, drums and keyboard to ease you into the day. Directed by Killian Broderick and featuring the striking Maya, the video is as much a pleasure on the eyes as the tune is on the ears…

Dour Hour

You can get the single on iTunes and while there are no gigs listed on their MySpace, they are popping up now and again around Dublin so keep your eyes peeled.   Betamax Format (who’s members comprise part of Seeping Into Cinemas) is also popping back up now and again on the gig circuit so keep them doubly peeled…sounds painful but worth catching them both!


Boca Chica- Valentine

March 13, 2010

After melting my heart with a Christmas tune- Boca Chica is back with the  5 track ep Valentine that leaves the heart in a puddle again.  It was released in time for Valentines Day…but I was never one for one particular day devoted to amour- why have the same day as everybody else when you could have your very own special day devoted to affairs of the heart?  With 5 tunes of Hallie Pritts delightful vocals and superb instrumentation from the band there is no better way to occupy your ears on whichever day you choose!

Lake Erie kicks it off with a banjo start and strings that mesh well with the vocals and Pins And Needles has a low key start with building instruments and great syncopated work between banjo plucking and drums.   Valentine keeps it more subtle with guitars and drums and Like Sheep In The Knight have mostly French vocals for some ooh-la-la flair.   The Hourglass Waltz is definitely the standout track for me- perfect harmonies with subtle banjo, xylophone and drums- what really makes the tune so good though is the sampling and electro sounds used towards the end- lovely stuff!

The Hourglass Waltz

To get the full ep head over to Indiecater and for €2.50 you can have these tunes echoing in your ears for every special day you want to make your own Valentines!

For more Boca Chica goodness check back here in a month for a collaborative track from Eardrumspop!


The Riptide Movement- Alive Inside

March 7, 2010
Back from their tour of France, The Riptide Movement, one of the busiest gigging groups I know, will be having some gigs to showcase their new tunes from the forthcoming album Hot Tramp.  If you haven’t come across their tunes before you should check out their MySpace to stream a few from their previous album What About The Tip Jars??
Dates- catch them if you can!

For a taste of what to expect check out the zombietastic video for

Alive Inside…