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Menomena- Friend and Foe

February 26, 2008

Have been listening to Menomena for the last week off and on and they really have some great tunes.  Layered melodies, syncopated beats and just plain atmospheric- excellent songs that are sure to stay in the head and would be even better live.   They will be on in the Sugar Club this Friday- don’t think its the best venue for these guys but wont complain if I get to see them there! 

Official review of their album at Pitchfork.  Some YouTubes below of my favourites- hard to find any official ones so some of the better fan ones and a few songs just linked.

Wet and Rusting

My My


Muscle’n Flo-

The Pelican

Evil Bee– the only official video


The Jimmy Cake and Halves- Whelans Dec 07…and similar groups

December 26, 2007

For me the night can be summed up with four D’s
Deep, Dark, Delicious….and Damn that was good!

Halves– had no idea what to expect so when I saw a violin, cello and French horn along with the keyboards and drums I knew I was in for a treat.  Great atmospheric music and very well done- keeps your attention and reminds me of a couple of groups –Rachel’s and The Black Heart Procession which I started listening to a few years back on the great music site Epitonic.

A MySpace video of one of their tunes which won’t load here.
Tony Harts Revenge Theme

Rachel’s– Water From The Same Source- set to archival footage

Black Heart Procession- Guess I’ll Forget You

The Jimmy Cake– had expected some tunes similar to what they had done a few years ago but their new stuff is just explosive!  Great beats with a drummer that never stops (well except to curse being the good Dublin boy he is!) and tracks that last forever so you can just get lost in the music.  Can’t remember the names of some of the tracks that they actually did say- with a group like this, names do not matter.  They play their instruments and they play them well- that is what will stick with you.  Nine people on stage and at least 12 instruments over the set including a banjo, sax, clarinet, trumpet, keyboards, guitars, and of course the drums!

Like LCD Soundsystem and Battles there is just not let up and they go from track to track…and like those groups you will not hear most of the tracks on the radio since they are so long.  Near the end they had an extremely catchy tune that they said will be their only single since it was the shortest at around 7 minutes!  They did remind me of another current group that is getting some attention- Le Loup which is from that little town next to where I grew up in Maryland.

I don’t usually like videos that other people took during gigs but in the absence of official ones here are two with some decent enough sound.

The Jimmy Cake- This Use To Be The Future 

Le Loup-Le Loup (Fear Not)