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Lisa Hannigan On Daytrotter

May 21, 2009

For those you that don’t check out Daytrotter on a daily basis there is a nice treat waiting for you- 4 tracks from the sublime Lisa Hannigan!  You now have to register with the site to download the tunes but it is well worth it for their quality output.

Regretfully I have not seen her in at her small outings at Road Records but she is currently touring the UK/Ireland in June and July and will be at Electric Picnic in September.

There was a tweet from Road Records yesterday as well that they will be having her album See Sew at a special price of €13.99 this week so now is the time to go get it!



Bell X1 On Daytrotter

February 26, 2009

As always Daytrotter seems to have some magic and the tunes that Bell X1 have done for Daytrotter are quite spectacular, low-fi and poignant tunes that will have you reaching for the repeat button.  The group have also released a new album Blue Lights On The Runway and while I was never a big fan before I heard The Great Defector on Phantom and its pretty damn catchy.

So go and have a listen to their Daytrotter session!


Ben Taylor- Daytrotter Session

January 22, 2009

I don’t remember ever listening to Ben Taylor before but the tracks that he put down for his Daytrotter session are some of the best that I have heard in one of their sessions recently.  A really laidback style with a sublime voice and guitar playing that makes you think you were sitting curled up in an armchair with a glass of wine in his frontroom and he was singing just for you.

The first tune Turn On The Lights gives an immediate personal feel with his retelling of how the song was written about his soon to be born nephew and the third track Wicked Way has some hilarious lyrics which puts me in mind of Jerome from FOTC (with a much better voice!)  The last track is unique as well since it is actually a poem and not a tune at all so make sure you give that one a whirl.

Wicked Way-from DocuTunes


Daytrotter Poll

November 27, 2008

Nice to see a different approach by Daytrotter- a poll with four questions:

Question 1– What are the five best records of the year?

Question 2 — What are the three best records that you don’t think anyone else will write about?

Question 3 — What three bands do you foresee good things from in 2009?

Question 4 — Which three bands need to stop by Daytrotter in the coming year?

More forward thinking than the lists of best of’s that are starting to come out so have a think and head over there to do it!


Pattern Is Movement

October 16, 2008

Another group I came across a while back and while not exactly a slow burner there has been a plethora of great groups so am only getting around to them now.

Pattern Is Movement have some great tunes and Right Away is a standout one- it has it all; melodrama, syncopation, great beats and harmonies with high pitched voices…ahhhh great sound. Head over to their Daytrotter session for some live tracks or checkout Pitchfork for the album review and the track Right Away.

Right Away- Live


Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s- Daytrotter

August 10, 2008

Damn- Daytrotter has done it again…another group that I can’t stop listening to!

You can hear some of their tunes on their MySpace but I have to admit that I prefer the intimacy of the Daytrotter session over those.

I think the best of the four tracks they have up is Love Song For A Shuba’s Bartender- interesting title but a brilliant intro and simply excellent strings and guitar. So head over there and download the tracks!

YouTube below of another song at another acoustic session so just a taster…

Jen Is Bringing The Drugs


Bodies Of Water

August 8, 2008

Bodies of Water have been popping up all over the place recently…and rightly so in my opinion! A great alt folk/rock sound with lots of instruments and fabulous harmonies that really get you in the perfect state of mind.

You can go to RcrdLbl to download Gold, Tan, Peach and Grey and I Guess We’ll Forget The Sound, I guess, I guess and head over to Pitchfork for a review and to download Under The Pines.

You can also check out their official site to download a few tunes from their first album and just to make it better my new found fav Daytrotter also has a session with four live tracks to download!

Last but not least- the best news of all is that they will be playing Whelans on the 6th of October:-)

Gold, Tan, Peach And Grey- Live



July 30, 2008

Only came across Daytrotter with their Bon Iver sessions and I can’t believe that was the first time I had come across them!

Brilliant concept with having bands that pass through do live tracks for them-usually 4 and you can download them for free.  If you ever wanted to hear what the particular group sounded like live in a toned down session then this is the place to be!  Great archive as well- goes back the two years they have been around and I can see a lot of my sparse free time being spent there!

I have them in the now bulging Google Reader and I have to say that it makes my day when I see that there is a new post…good artwork and articles as well but its the tunes that matter the most and the majority hit the mark so pay them a visit!


Bon Iver- Daytrotter

July 22, 2008

Having given my verdict here of Bon Iver’s album- the only tunes I liked where when Justin Vernon’s voice was subtle and hot damn does he come up trumps with the live versions for the Daytrotter sessions. Laid back with a subtle force that really brings out the best in his voice. So get clicking and download the four tracks that are there!

It still doesn’t change my mind about the way the tunes are done on the original album but I will definitely try to catch him when he is town again.