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Magic Man

June 22, 2010

Yes a while since I posted here and it’s not from lack of inspiration but real world matters which have been hindering my thinking and time.

Lots to catch up with and no better way to start than with Magic Man.  There certainly is something magical about their tunes and it’s more than just smoke and mirrors going on in them- each tune full of the duo’s catchy vocals and more layered electronica tinged instrumentation than you can shake a wand at.

So many standouts that it’s just easier to listen to the whole album which you can do on the widget below or head to their Bandcamp to get the free download of the full album Real Life Color.  No trickery here so just listen and in their own words- if you like the songs, please share them with anyone you think will enjoy them as well.


Chad VanGaalen- Soft Airplane B-Sides

September 18, 2009

If you’re a fan of Chad VanGaalen’s album Soft Airplane then the b-sides are a must and at the moment you can get a free download of them here!

Definitely worth a listen and while some are unquestionably b-sides with them being rough and ready, there are quite a few that must have been close to making the album.  Of the nine tunes,  Are You Sleeping? and Soak In Visions have some great beats and vocals with Twisting Magic Up being the best of the lot with a great vibe.

Twisting Magic Up


Thanks to @longmanoz!


City Breathing- My Apple IIe Is Singing Sad Songs To Me

July 4, 2009

City Breathing are back with a new ep perfect for end of a stressful week-four excellent tunes which will flow over you and get you into a peaceful frame of mind.

My Apple IIe Is Singing Sad Songs To Me certainly is an indication of their sound- a bit of melancholy sweetness with slow building post-rock numbers.  What will catch you though are the ethereal falsettos and great instrumentation- the standout for me is The Hum Of Passing Cars which really makes you think that if cities breath then this is how it should sound!

You can download their ep for free (and donate!) along with buying the cd which comes with a letter pressed Apple IIe (5.25”) floppy disk case which be worth it for nostalgia alone…a long time since those were around!

Alas no individual videos for the tunes but while you’re waiting for the download have a look at their taster for the ep and check out the vid from their previous ep here.


I Am Not Lefthanded- Everybody Sleeps

June 8, 2009

I Am Not Lefthanded have released the single Everybody Sleeps at their official site for a free download and its a catchy one- at least something good has come of Kathryn’s sleepless nights!

Interesting idea for making a video for the tune- they are taking submissions of people sleeping with triumphant bears or having bears sneak about behind them while going about their night-time routine.  Check the download page for details and everybody that submits will get one of their snazzy t-shirts.



50 Foot Wave- Free Download

March 16, 2009

Had listened to 50 Foot Wave’s tunes before and quite liked the harder edge from Kristen Hersh.

They have a new ep called Power + Light that you can download for free…and not only that you can download everything they have done for free– all 4 EPs, instrumentals, live recordings, and as they put it a few other goodies.

Interesting to see that not only do they have a choice of flac and mp3 but they also have a choice of a direct download or download via a torrent- not something you would see with all the publicity over torrent sites recently.

Clara Bow


The Joy Formidable- A Balloon Called Moaning

March 7, 2009

I first came across The Joy Formidable before Christmas with their snappy titled tune My Beerdrunk Soul Is Sadder Than A Hundred Dead Christmas Trees and a catchy number it was.

What really got my attention though was the single called Cradle and they have released their ep A Ballon Called Moaning which not only has this but 4 other great tunes.  Of the others Austere and While The Flies are standouts but its difficult not to keep coming back to Cradle which will stay in your eardrums for a while!

The download version is free from Music Glue and if you buy the cd you get the full 8 tracks.



Lines Drawing Circles

March 4, 2009

Had come across Lines Drawing Circles before and funnily enough was from a blogger in NY and not in Ireland.  Was reminded of them when listening to Phantom tonight and if you head over to their official site you can download their single Thebes along with b-side Fit To Be Tied.  Great sound and they will be playing ALT in Dublin this Saturday the 7th.


Yes the jangly look is intentional.


Azeda Booth- Free EP Tubtrek

March 4, 2009

Came across Azeda Booth a while back with their excellent album In Flesh Tones- especially the storming track Ran which is quite spectacular.  They are offering their new ep Tubtrek as a free download from their official site so head over there for four new tunes along with four remixes from their last lp.




February 12, 2009

Oh there is a storm brewing in the west and what a sublime storm it is!

Tenaka is Ronan Carroll, a Galway based Limerick muscian who happens to be a Biomedical Engineer- not sure what part of the body he engineers for but he knows a thing or two about ears and what is good going into them.

He has created a 4 track ep called EPonymously Titled that you can download for free from his MySpace and they really are some great ambient tunes.   Not only do they grab your attention but his writing to go along with them really puts you into the right frame of mind…

Tenaka awoke to hear the storm hissing and battering at the window.
He stretched and glanced at the fire – it had faded to glowing coals.
He had slept in the lady’s arms, taking comfort in the bugs, haven and
crawl, as she slept in the chair, her breathing deep. Tenaka rose to his
feet, slowly making his way from the room. The corridor was icy, the
wooden boards creaking under his boots. He moved to the tribes fire,
adding fresh wood and gently blowing the flames to life. He felt revitalized
as it flared from the first child through to the pause of the fourth.

Tenaka removed the red dagger from its sheth and stirred the broth with
the blade, scanning the room for ingredients. As he poured the broth into
a bowl, he cut the stitches from his cheek, emotions firing behind paper
eyes. Quietly he stowed his gear in the canvas pack, fastened his cloak
and pushed gently through the doorway.

The storm was inviting.

Just to make it even better there is some great artwork and the humorously entitled play all ‘Sure why not, it only takes 928 seconds and twas free.wpl’.

Of the tunes themselves- these aren’t the lull you off to sleep ambient tunes but the type that peak your interest and where your foot starts tapping on its own accord.  Ain’t Nobody and Someday have some soft vocals to go along with the synths and building rythms, Open Up has more complex rythms with a more driving pace and Alaskan is more sampled with kids and kids toys and some gorgeous synth strings.  Of them all I wish Alaskan was longer but you can always stick it on repeat!

He is not currently touring but hopefully soon- for the moment get the tunes and let their blissfullness wash over you.



Noah And The Whale- Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down – Free Download

July 7, 2008

Noah and The Whale– Just downloaded this and having a quick listen- some good tunes there!

The blurb-

Noah and The Whale will release their much-anticipated debut album, Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down, on 11th August. The band, currently on tour in the UK will precede the album with a single set to be one of the songs of the summer, 5 Years Time (released on Young & Lost Club / Vertigo on 4th August).

Described in The Sunday Times as “a global hit in the making”, 5 Years Time is a glorious love song that blends the simple narrative and direct lo-fi charm of anti-folk artists such as Jeffrey Lewis or Jonathan Richman with the classic pop of Buddy Holly.

Noah and The Whale make earnest, poetic music. Their album is a collection of songs that muse on the connections between love, death and time and though 5 Years Time is the perfect invitation to their world; it is merely a piece of their puzzle. The songs move effortlessly from the epic grandeur of Arcade Fire to the intimate melancholy of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy but all with a very clear sense of Englishness.

If you missed their set at Glastonbury, don’t worry, Noah and the Whale will be at several festivals this summer including Latitude, Secret Garden, Cambridge Folk Festival, Summer Sundae, Field Day and V Festival. They’ll also be playing an album launch show at London’s Roundhouse on 11th August, where a series of paintings that make up the album artwork will also be on exhibition.

Listen to the album now, for free.
Your download will time out in 2 weeks time.

Download from Vertigo.

Wma files with DRM.