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Competition- Themselves, Whelans

October 9, 2009

The hip hop/rap duo Themselves will be at Whelans on the 16th of October and thanks to Foggy Notions I have a double pass up for grabs.  Support is from new Richter addition Jogging so should be a good show to check out!

Question:  Which group did Themselves collaborate with on 13 & God in 2005?

Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with Themselves in the subject line by 5pm on Wednesday the 14th and a winner will be picked at random.

If Themselves and Jogging aren’t your thing then check out the competition for Mark Morris who is on the same night at Upstairs @ Whelans!


HEALTH- The Village Oct 09

October 7, 2009

Night started with a bit of irony when I got a text from a friend to say that she wouldn’t make it to HEALTH since she was sick.  Turned out to be a great night though so irony aside it was a shame she missed them!

Arrived in time for some of the tunes from Irish lads Wounds and they had a some good ones with a hardcore edge.  Sometimes they were a bit theatrical with the two guitarists actually performing on the floor in front of the stage but it was good to see their youthful zeal by asking the crowd to hold one of them aloft for their last tune.  Good vibe though and I hope to see a full set from them at some stage.

Picture Plane was up next and what started fairly promising with a loop and some singing from him turned into a rather average performance of dance tunes.  It actually became unbearably boring at one stage so for the first time in a long time I actually went outside for a smoke…and I don’t smoke.  The upside being that I ran into a friend and friends of the sick friend so at least I have him to thank for that.

HEALTH were finally up and fuck me they might not be healthy for your hearing but damn did they get the heart racing!  Good to see that some of the gig goers had earplugs- while it’s too late for me I am certainly now a campaigner on protecting your hearing so for a group like HEALTH plugs are a must.

The stage setup was quite interesting with having a synth in front of each of the three guitarists on the floor so they could literally get down to business and hammer out some electro bliss and the lead also had quite a few pedals by him which he deftly used during the tunes.  What got my attention most of course was the extra drum in front so they could add some beats- really think it adds so much to the vibe of a live performance when any extra percussion is used.

They only played for about 45 mins but it was a blistering set with barely a break in between tunes- and I think they only had the break so that the drums heads could be tightened after the banging from the savage drummer!  The crowd were really into the vibe which was great to see and while I couldn’t differentiate between all of their tunes the easily recognisable Die Slow, Death +, Before Tigers and We Are Water were there along with most if not all of the new album Get Color.

Of them all I think We Are Water encapsulates their sound best…

We Are Water

Whether or not these are your type of tunes or not, these boys are talented and know how to put on a performance.  Definitely one to catch if you can!


Local Natives- Academy2 Sept 09

October 7, 2009

I had only come across Local Natives the weekend before the gig so thankfully had checked MySpace to see that they were going to be playing Dublin in the next few days!  Luckily there were still tickets left for their gig but unfortunately it was in Academy2 which doesn’t have the best sound for multifaceted bands like this seeing how its setup mostly for electronic artists.

Good crowd when I arrived and caught a couple of tunes from the first support The Shoos– not much really to be said except that they are radio friendly.

A surprise was in store when the Funeral Suits came on- pretty much the same set they had the last time I saw them but it was good to hear them again.  As with the first time- its the tunes with the keyboard that really standout and the ones without are good but not spectacular.  Still looking forward to some new tunes by them.

Was surprised as well to hear Wintersleep on during the intermissions- always a good sign I think when the soundguy chooses some good tunes.  Another group to catch if you can…although I won’t be shelling out the money to see them as support for Editors.

Local Natives were up and what I liked from the start was the two drummer setup- one guy fulltime at the back on a full kit and a drum with cymbal setup at the front next to the keyboardist-sweet!  I always think that extra percussion can really make a live performance so much better and it was definitely the case here- they played a relatively short set of ten tunes but what tunes they were!

Not every one hit the spot but there were enough in there to showcase their harmonies, excellent percussion and an overall great vibe.  Highlights for me were Cards & Quarters, Wide, Stranger, and the crowd pleaser Airplane.  Above all though, Sun Hands was the standout and a great tune to end the gig with!    No encore and unfortunately I was too slow to get an EP as they sold out rather quickly- had a chat with them instead and their album will be released in Europe at the end of the month.  They are really sound guys and are definitely  a group to catch if you can!  Somehow I think we will be hearing a lot more about them in the months to come and seeing them back in Dublin fairly soon.

Full set list:

Warning Sign
Cards & Quarters
Who Knows
Sun Hands

As I don’t have the EP, have a listen to Sun Hands from the excellent Aquarium Drunkard session.

Sun Hands


Yeah I can contact them- will have a look at their various sites to see who is best to contact.  Loney Dear might recognize my pic on MySpace which could be a good/bad thing after all the mails I sent asking them about their tours!  Wasn’t into them until I saw them live & they definitely had my attention then!  Will have a look at the form letter but may have to stray a bit since we will be suggesting they do the work together and won’t necessarily be picking their own collaborators.  Know they are touring with Asobi Seksu but don’t think they have the right sound for this- saw them live in Feb and more shoegaze…very loud as well since it was one of the bands around the time my tinnitus started!

Will look at contacts anyway this eve.



Competition- King Khan & The Shrines, Upstairs @ Whelans

October 1, 2009

Psychedelic soulsters King Khan & The Shrines play Upstairs @ Whelans on Wednesday the 7th of October and thanks to Foggy Notions I have a double pass up for grabs.  Jack Of Heart is supporting so should be a good night if you like your psychedelic vibe!

Rather unusual question this time:  Where was King Khan bitten by a rather hungry woman at his gig last year in Derry?

Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with King Khan in the subject line by Monday the 5th and a winner will be picked at random.


Dirty Projectors And tUnE yArDs- Whelans Sept 09

September 23, 2009

I hadn’t initially intended on going to this gig since I wasn’t convinced of Dirty Projectors last album Bitte Orce and thought it was a bit too subtle for my liking.  Once I heard that tUnE yArDs was going to support I quickly changed my mind since I really wanted to catch her after hearing a couple of her tunes.

Before I get to the music, the important question of course is about the spelling of the name- tUnE-yArDs is on the cd, tUnE yArDs is the way that you will sometimes see it, and if you look at the majority of the web it’s tUnE YaRdS!  All that for just a name but even is confused since her cd won’t scrobble the tracks.   Name aside, it looks like it could be the moniker for Merrill Garbus or a band name since there is another member now on the guitar.

When Merril first came out on stage, she looked very unassuming and almost like any office worker with the exception of two white lines painted on her cheeks.  Once she started singing those unassuming qualities were straight out the window and her eclectic performance came forward at full force.   She started off with setting up her loops on the drum and vocals but after a short while she really hit her stride with screaming vocals and outright yelling at points.  Some in the crowd did snigger a bit with her intensity but I had a feeling it was more of a nervous laugh to dispel the thought that she was going to leap out at them!  She had some excellent tracks though- full of tribal beats and vocals and the looping really does make them.  One thing I love about live performances with loopers is them setting everything up- one thing that is always missing on the cd tracks.  She didn’t play the track Sunlight as I had hoped she would but I am sure she/they will be around again soon enough.

Dirty Projectors were up next and with not knowing too many of their tunes or indeed how the band setup, I recognised the tune Two Doves by the rather lovely voiced Angel.  Just the two of them for the opener and then the rest of the band came out for the remainder of the set.

Quite a few good tunes followed but I have to say that the ones with the focal point on the  lead singer Dave Longstreth were the weaker of them and its only when the spotlight was on the girls or their harmonies that the tunes shone.    Not sure of the name of the track but the 3rd tune of the night had Amber and Haley doing some sort of syncopated singing that was just fantastic and definitely ear-grabbing. (From a comment over at OTRIan stated it was arpeggios that were being sung for this tune).

A couple of rather long tunes followed but I thought they did meander quite a bit with his vocals and the soft backing sounds from the girls.  I was quite surprised that in some of them there were jams which seemed pointless and rather than notching up the energy it only served as a reason to play simple chords louder.  After these tunes they played Stillness Is The Move and Temecula Sunrise which I did enjoy but at this stage disinterest had set in so it was difficult to keep the focus on them.   The crowd did seem to appreciate them though even it there weren’t that many people moving to the the tunes.

Another two long tunes before they finished and when they came back on for the two song encore, thankfully they played the catchy song Knotty Pine from the Dark Was The Knight compilation.  Amber really has an excellent voice so I would hope that in future albums we hear a bit more of it.

So an unbalanced night with a great set from tUnE yArDs and a so so set from the Dirty Projectors- unfortunately I have to stand by my original opinion of them and if they had been playing at Electric Picnic I certainly would have moved on.


Deerhunter- Whelans Aug 09

September 10, 2009

Didn’t get a chance to listen to either the support Angkorwat or Deerhunter in full before heading to the gig but went based on the buzz alone.  I have been meaning to check out Deerhunter for a while now but it was just one of those groups that has gone by the wayside since I have been so busy recently.

So not too surprised that Whelans was quite busy for the support but I was surprised by the diminutive female that is Angkorwat behind the keyboards.  Some delightful hazy and shimmering tunes and her voice hits the spot- lots of looping as well but for comparison Juana Molina would have a better vibe.  Interesting visuals of what looked like a practice session for a burlesque performance but shown high up on the wall so it didn’t particularly add much to the performance.

Deerhunter then came on and the exhausted looking Bradford Cox gave a quick hello before hammering into the tunes.  I have no idea of the setlist but the first one was a catchy number as was the second which the crowd certainly knew and had them dancing about.  The third tune was a bit of a mis-step though and seemed to kill the vibe which thankfully returned on the 4th and 5th tune.  After that it was hard to keep track of tunes since they were multifaceted and with the emphasis on instrumentation they seemed to mold into each other- a great vibe though and they kept the crowds attention.

During the gig there wasn’t much interaction between Bradford and the crowd with the exception of him saying how mellow we were and then had a little aside talking about Mello Yellow, tripping over clouds and waterfalls of pink foam.  When he came back on for the encore he certainly made up for any lack of  interaction by asking about our bedrooms and wanting us to shout out loud what they were like while he was tuning different instruments…the shouts did last for a while and he seemed genuinely pissed off when they stopped and he wasn’t ready.

After one encore his good humour came back though and he was engaging the crowd with some humour and trying to get the drummer to have the ta-dish on time.   He mentioned he has been in Whelans more than his own bedroom this year and after some guy shouting U A he said in a mock english accent that it must be sports related and his disdain for football.  So UA became United Artists and then Ugly Asshole where he had a go at himself by saying there were enough of those in his house with all the mirrors…was waiting for the ta-dish but it was mis-timed as usual.  To wrap things up he had a little ditty for Chris the sound guy whose birthday it was he went into another tune which was a cracker indeed.

S0 a great night of tunes and I really must give them more of a listen and will hopefully know them by the time they hit town again…probably not too long from now since Bradford has a fondness for Johnnie (aka Eddie) Rockets.


Future Islands Competition

September 3, 2009

Has been a while but it’s competition time again and a few more from Foggy Notions to follow this month.

First up is Baltimorian residents Future Islands who were last seen on these shores supporting Dan Deacon and were indeed part of his ensemble.  One thing you can say about these guys is that they are not lacking in energy- you might want to stand back from the stage as these guys move!

They will be playing Upstairs @Whelans with support from Ear Pwr and We Cut Corners.

I have a double pass to give away and easy question this time- which US state are Future Islands originally from?  Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] and a winner will be picked at random- competition will close at noon on Sept 7th so if you’re heading the Picnic do it now!

Just for a taste…

The Happiness Of Being Twice


One For The Team- Upstairs At Whelans July 09

July 30, 2009

Hadn’t heard of One For The Team until a few days before they hit town- a piece over at Musical Rooms peaked my interest enough though so had a listen to a couple of their tunes over at their label Afternoon Records and they were pretty catchy.

So Upstairs At Whelans again and while not many people waiting, interestingly enough there was a guy taking random pics of people- why on earth he would want one of me I don’t know but I didn’t crack the lens so there might be a pic of me floating around the blogosphere somewhere.

We Cut Corners (formerly Camogie Lovers) were up first and while not a huge gathering of people this duo gave some great entertainment.  Good voices with sometimes more than a tinge of melodrama and definitely humour.  With song titles ranging from Dumb Blonde to YKK (as in zipper) and Black Russian you certainly had to take everything tongue in cheek.

Heritage Centre were up next and I forgot how many members there were- it was only with the crowd being halved by them going on stage that I realised there were only about 12 people in the room to begin with.  Having seen them relatively recently not much has changed- except maybe downwards unfortunately.  While they don’t have much room to manoeuvre on stage it appeared they were doing things by route and weren’t very engaging.   The drummer was still good and I did notice more of a Placebo-ish vibe from the the lead singers vocals.  Still think there is some promise but time and some new tunes will tell.

One For The Team were finally up and speaking of promise there was only a little bit of that for me.  They have some good tunes but for the most part there was nothing too catchy- it was only near the end with Build It Up and Build A Garden that they really shone through.  The vocals by Ian are good but ultimately it was only when he was joined by Grace that I think they had an interesting sound.  They did have good banter with the crowd throughout and even had a joke at the expense of Mullingar where they were the previous night.   Unfortunately not enough to win me over though and We Cut Corners remained the highlight of the night.

Thanks to Ian for the pass anyway- needs must these days after all the budget changes this year!


James Yuill- Academy2 June 09

July 16, 2009

Ahh my un-favourite venue which was more than on the quiet side with it being Glastonbury weekend.  If there ever was a venue in need of a makeover its the ground floor and basement rooms of The Academy…the pillars and low ceiling are really a nuisance when trying to see the acts on stage.

So straight back towards the bar and sound-booth where there is a chance of seeing the groups and with it being so quiet I actually struck up a conversation with James since he was standing there on his tod.  Kind of a weird feeling when he actually recognized me from Twitter since I had sent a few tweets his way.  Really sound dude though and it’s always a good thing when you can have a chat about Warp artists.

The first group up were The Riptide Movement– had heard their name doing the rounds but had never caught their tunes.  There is nothing really new about their sound but they are very good at what they do and the drummer was pretty rocking.   They remind me of CCR or The Doors and as the second support said the leads voice is bang on that of Jim Morrison so that is always a positive.

Second support was Joe Echo who was accompanied by his brother- they were performing in shorts as they had run from setting up a second gig for the night and didn’t have a chance to change.  Dubious dress sense aside Joe has a good voice and great use of the looping pedals which gave them a bigger sound than just two guys on acoustic guitars.

James Yuill was finally up and at that stage there were a few more people…still only about 40 but great to have some people interspersed between the pillars!  Good setup on stage for a solo artist between the synths and the guitar slung over his back.  His voice was every bit as catchy as it is on the album and it was good to hear him expand some of his tunes with some electric asides and jams- a much darker sound than on his album which I always find is better for a live performance.

Probably his best tune in my book was No Surprise and while he played a more stripped down version it was still damn good.  He had great interaction with the crowd as well and for some tunes he even gave a choice as to what they wanted to hear- so we ended up with the acoustic version of No Surprise straight after and even without the catchy electronic layers it is an excellent tune.

Not positive of the exact playlist so this is more an approximation than anything:

How Could I Lose (or You Always Do)
She Said In Jest
Head Over Heels
No Pins Allowed
Over The Hills-  which led into a nice long electric jam
Left Handed Girl
When You’re Alone- new one
This Sweet Love
No Surprise- different mix than album
No Surprise- acoustic
Dance Track-uncertain if it has a name.


Ane Brun And Her Diamonds- The Sugar Club May 09

May 22, 2009

Do you ever have a night where not only are your expectations met but they are surpassed to such an extent that you feel like you are in a different realm?  Yeah last night was one of those nights in the Sugar Club for Ane Brun– hardly a whisper from the crowd sitting there enthralled by the Norwegians distinct voice.   There were moments that were so perfect that it made me wonder what life would be in 4d and that this must be what it is like!  I have said it before- the Scandinavians just ooze talent.

First up was Jennie Abrahamsson with four tunes and her guitar.  She has an excellent voice although tonally it didn’t catch me.  I thought she sounded/looked familiar though and a quick look at the feed reader this morning came up with the video she did with another of my favourites Frida Hyvönen.

Next up was the heavily lashed Rebekka Karijord on the electric piano.  Four tunes again with a great start and had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck- her voice definitely has a catch!  The next two tunes were good but didn’t particularly make the best use of her voice- something which was rectified with her last song The Noble Art Of Letting Go which really grabbed my attention.  That will probably be the title for her upcoming album so keep your ears peeled.

Ane Brun then came out with her Diamonds- they comprise of Jennie and Rebekka as above and a third girl, Rachel Davies, who was the only non Nord up on the stage.

What can I say about Ane?  To put it succinctly:  compelling, entrancing, effortless and flawless.

There have been plenty of singer songwriters that I have heard live and just don’t live up to the quality of their recordings.  From the moment she started singing I was rooted in place and I couldn’t believe how captivating her voice was in person- it was excellent on the album but simply superb live.

It had been a while since I had listened to her album Changing of the Seasons but I had it on heavy rotation when it first came out and each and every song she played last night was perfect.   She had an array of guitars behind her that she changed for every tune and I was especially surprised at how she approached The Puzzle- great fast paced guitar work which isn’t on the album version.

The Diamonds were also pitch perfect on the tunes and some great moments of counter point with Ane’s voice especially in The Changing of the Seasons.

Ane was very chatty with the audience as well and was great at introducing the tunes with a story and humour.

For The Puzzle she said that she writes lots of songs about heartbreak and that she still will…but hopefully not about her own heartbreak.  Before The Changing Of The Seasons she dedicated it to all of the Scandinavians in the audience and said they were all over the world just like the Irish…and just to cover herself, that the tune was also dedicated to everybody else who felt like they were Scandinavian after hearing it.  On My Star she asked how many people were friends with their ex’s and that the song was written for her ex…before he became her ex that is and once she said that a few prospects in the audience gave her a headsup that they were free.   The humour wasn’t just in the introductions though and there was a tour song in the encore that about them being nearly run off the road by a trucker in the forest.

Before her last song, Ane actually thanked the audience for being so attentive since it makes a big difference to the artists on stage when they know their music is being appreciated.   For a night as a whole it was the best gig I have been to in a long time- all the artist were engaging, the crowd were appreciative, and the majority of performances were mesmerising.  If you get a chance to see Ane Brun it is not something I would pass up!

The playlist which I managed to get a picture of thanks to Mr Silverfox at the end:

1   My Lover Will Go

2   Raise My Head (for the pedantics I am not sure if they actually sang this third)

3   To Let Myself Go

4   Gillian

5   The Puzzle

6   Changing of the Seasons

7   Round Table Conference

8   Lullaby for Grown Ups

9   Take it Slow

10 Armour

11 The Treehouse Song

12 My Star

13 The Fall

14 Don’t Leave

15 Ten Seconds


16 Big In Japan- Alphaville cover

17 If I Had A Bibbon Bow- Odetta cover

18 Petrified Forest- tour song fun and very humorous!

19 Balloon Ranger